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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Why heat your home with propane?
Throughout Connecticut you will find that home owners use an array of fuels for home heating. In the large cities you mostly find natural gas piped into the homes, but outside the cities every homeowner has a choice for their heating fuel.

Propane and oil are considered the most common choices of heating fuels for home use, and both require regular delivery. Because of the rising price of petroleum fuels some homeowners have started to use other home heating fuels like bio bricks, wood pellets, and coal. Hocon Gas has support and service personnel to handle any type of home heating appliance repair.

If you are building a new home or trying to get rid of your old inefficient heating system, it's a bit tough to determine which of the heating options works best. Even though new oil heating systems are very efficient now, there are more reasons to choose propane heat instead.

Check out the primary factors why choosing propane over oil is better in heating your home.

Propane gas is way cleaner than oil heat, hence, requires less maintenance. Whereas even the newer oil furnaces still need to be cleaned at least once every heating season.

With regard to propane tank installation, you have more options than since propane tanks come in many sizes. Tanks can be placed behind the trees or buried under the ground--pretty cool location for bigger tanks. On the other hand, most local ordinances and insurance companies will not allow oil tanks to be buried any more due to the possibility of leakage and soil and water contamination.

If you have limited property space then the better choice is to burry your propane tank and keep your yard free for your family use. If you opted to have the propane tank underground, you got nothing to worry about chemical harm because this fuel doesn't contaminate the soil or the water at the lower grounds. This is very much safe and environment friendly.

When it comes to the cost of propane equipments and installation, you can usually find a better value heating appliance than oil appliance. With regular cleaning they also last longer than oil fueled equipments. Consequently, very cost-effective, efficient and requires a lower long term investment.

Unlike oil which can only be used as a source of home heating, propane can heat your home, hot water, and it can be used to heat your pool. Of course propane is used in the kitchen for cooking, but you can also run your outside barbeque grill with it too. Don't forget the dryer.

The venting system of propane furnaces is much more efficient than those oil fired ones. Some propane furnaces use PVC pipes up to the roof or sidewall while the oil fueled are connected to chimneys for the furnace to vent. In this case, cleaning the chimneys will also cost you apart from the equipment maintenance run by oil.

According to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) propane heat emits lesser carbon dioxide when burned compared to oil. This fuel is the cleanest amongst fossil fuels and labeled as non-toxic. Beside from the comfort and satisfaction that heating has to offer for your home, you are helping to preserve the environment at the same time by minimizing the pollution that other energy sources release including oil.

Considering the factors mentioned, deciding upon which heating system to utilize becomes simpler. Propane offers a number of advantages and doesn't limit to heating your home, efficiency and safety but environmentally friendlier.

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