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Connecticut's Largest Family Owned Propane Gas Supplier

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"Propane is definitely the fuel of the future."

If you're building a new house today you are better off to heat with propane gas over any other energy. The convenience, efficiency, carbon footprint, and the fact that it is such a versatile and usable and easily transported fuel -- propane is definitely the fuel of the future.

Energy prices fluctuate rapidly, and from year to year the efficiency of oil heating and electrical appliances can become an unmanageable expense. Oil furnaces and oil boilers also have the dreaded black soot that fills your basement. Switching to propane, also known as LP gas, can help with more stable prices than oil, the appliances are far more energy efficiency, and of course, you can get rid of that oil soot.

You can actually use propane gas in your home for cooking, heating, hot water, pools, and even emergency power. If you live in New England then you're no stranger to those crippling Nor-Easters and Winter Storms which can be much easier to deal with when you have a propane gas generator for backup power.

But really, so far only a few ways to use propane have been mentioned. Hocon Gas is the largest family owned propane gas company in CT. We make residential deliveries throughout most of the state.

We have showrooms in Guilford, Torrington, Waterbury, Norwalk, and our beautifully remodeled in Danbury. We don't just deliver propane gas throughout your home state, we're also dealers in many top quality propane gas brand name appliances.

Here's a sample of the propane appliances we sell and service...

Hocon Gas sells various appliances that use propane gas, including:

View the fireplaces Hocon Hearth House has to offerView the selection of heating stoves from Hocon Hearth HouseOutdoor patio heaters to liven up your party
Outdoor comfort and style with fire pitsPropane heating pumps for your poolInstant hot water heaters from Hocon GasHocon has a big selection of grills and grill parts
Beautiful selection of gas burning logsPropane gas fireplace inserts to retrofit your existing wood fireplacePropane Gas Space Heaters to make those extra rooms more comfortable
Propane Gas and Your Home Heating
ConnecticutThe energy efficiency of your home goes up, and the cost of your propane goes down, when you have more appliances in your home using propane. Of course the more appliances you have does mean you'll need a larger propane gas storage tank on your property. The photo on the right is from our large propane tank yard in Danbury. Those are some of our 1000 gallon tanks, and even 1990 gallon propane tanks.

Those larger tanks can be burred under your yard and we'll deliver them right to you.

No matter what type of propane tank you will need, or what your consumption turns out to be, a representative from one of our local branches will visit your home and provide a custom quote for your needs.

The price of propane per gallon is based on the frequency and quantity of your deliveries. That's why the cost of propane drops when you use it for more appliances in your home. Many of our Hocon Gas customers will also use their propane gas for clothes dryers.

Of course we also provide propane refills for your BBQ gas grill and outdoor patio heaters. Those smaller tanks are commonly called "20 pounders" because they are filled with 20 lbs of propane. Those tank swap locations usually only fill up to 16 lbs. All 5 of our locations will provide propane filling for your small tanks.

Our propane refill stations can be found in...

Hocon Gas has 5 locations around CT

A Location Near You...
Hocon Gas has 5 locations around Connecticut and delivers propane gas and services propane gas appliances to more than 30,000 homes. That's 30,000 families that have come to trust Hocon since 1952. Hocon is actually a family run, family oriented business with approximately 100 employees throughout the state.

It's not an accident that we have 5 branches in this state. For a state the size of Connecticut, traditional business model for a family run gas company is to have two locations at most. Our owner, David Gable, wants to make sure that we can cover the state in such a way that you can come into a location without driving 100 miles.

Our locations are:
Jay LeFrancois, General Manager at our Gilford Hocon Propane Gas location
Jay LeFrancois,
General Manager at
our Gilford Hocon
Propane Gas location.
At each location you can see a manager, or a professional, and actually shake their hand and talk to them. We don't want you to feel like just another account number like large propane gas companies would treat you. More importantly, if one of our customer service representatives does make you feel that way then we want you to contact the General Manager at that store.

With these 5 locations throughout the state it is our goal to provide the fastest real time service to each specific area. For us, it's very important to have local staff handling the local areas.

Routine Propane Gas Deliveries
You can choose from a few different options for routine propane gas delivery for your home. If your propane usage is low you might prefer to call us when you see your tank is running low on propane gas. If you use propane for many household needs then we have a scheduling program that can be used to estimate when you will need the next propane delivery. That scheduling process starts with a set date but then attempts to factor in local temperatures and weather.

Hocon Gas Supports Susan G Komen, Race for the Cure
This is one of our Hocon Gas
delivery trucks painted pink
in support of Susan G
Komen, Race for the Cure.
Naturally if you know you are going to have higher usage (like a pool party or heating your home extra during holiday family get togethers) then you need to call us with enough time to change your schedule. Each Hocon branch has to factor in different weather conditions into its program so please talk to your local representative to find out exactly how much advanced notice they normally need to make that early delivery.

Hocon is experimenting with a remote monitoring service for the tanks. This service is only available in a limited area, and if it's available for you then you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your tank will notify us when you need a delivery. However, the same advanced notice is needed when you are planning that extra usage mentioned above.

We'd like customer service to be our top priority, but...
From basic telephone customer service to our technicians out in the field, every employee is given the training and necessary certifications to perform best at their job. Propane Safety Lessons for the whole familyAll field technicians have basic hazmat training and many have emergency response training. Although we'd like to say that our customers come first, the truth is that, as a propane company in Connecticut, we're required to make safety our #1 concern and we need to meet the regulatory requirements of a fuel company. We maintain a good relationship with the DEP and State Fire Marshal's Office and because of our certifications and local availability they've called us many times when emergency response was needed.

So, yes, although we want you to be a more than satisfied customer, we also want you know that your safety is more important. In fact we've dedicated an entire section of our website to propane safety which we'd like you to read through before signing up to be out customer.

Welcome to the Hocon Family...
We'd like to welcome you to the Hocon family as our newest customer.

Let's get you started with these steps:

1. Find out if we service your town. Enter your zip code on our Hocon Location Finder.

2. Then use our contact form here to send us an email.

3. Or you can call the Hocon Branch that you found in the first step.

We always want to hear from our customers, we try hard to keep our customers happy in second, but safety is always first!

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