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Water Heaters

Never be without hot water! It's one of those things that you don't really know how much it means to you until it's gone. For anyone who has ever dealt with a electric power outage in the middle of winter and needed to take a shower, you know that is definitely an experience you never want to go through again.

Hocon is here to help with affordable, environmentally friendly propane water heaters. When compared to electric, national statistics indicate that propane water heaters heat water twice as fast and cost a third less to operate than electric models over time. Many homeowners who have converted to propane have saved as much as $240 per year.

Like traditional water heaters, a 50 gallon propane tank water heater can provide as much hot water as a 66 - 80 gallon electric unit. At Hocon we carry the Bradford White line of water heaters for your home water heating needs. The newer tankless water heaters heat water on demand by passing it through coils in the propane burners and the hot water plumbing. This means that you have hot water faster and more reliably than with electric heating options.

The Rinnai tankless model, which you can find at Hocon locations such as our showroom in Guilford, gone are the days of waiting for water to heat up in a storage tank. Propane water heaters use less space, are longer-lasting, and can be vented easily. And similar to a traditional clothes dryer, propane water heaters and furnaces can be vented directly through the side of your home, making installation a breeze.

Call or visit one of our showroom locations today to learn more about how our full line of water heaters will provide you years of reliable service and comfortably hot water when you need it most.
Bradford White TGHE-160I-X Propane Gas Water Heaters
Rinnai RC98i Propane Gas Water Heaters
Bradford White TG-180I-X Propane Gas Water Heaters
Rinnai RV53e Propane Gas Water Heaters
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