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Propane Refills

Propane Refills

All of our locations have propane refill stations for your 20lb propane tanks. Our experienced technicians are ready to assist you and they will test your tank for leaks while they fill the tank. Show up at any time during business hours with your empty tank and we will refill it on the spot!

Each Hocon Propane location will accept any tank for refill, even if it's a tank from a propane swap service. Propane swap services usually fill the BBQ gas tanks to 16lbs, but at Hocon we give you exactly what you pay for and fill the tanks to 20lbs.

For the safety of our customers, please bring all empty propane tanks to the refill dock only. At Hocon, we want to make sure out customers and employees are safe so we ask that no empty propane containers are brought inside the stores.

Simply hand off the container to our technician outside, go inside to make your payment, and then go back outside for your full container!
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