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Why Propane?
Why Propane?It's pretty simple, really. Propane is the cleanest and most versatile fuel for many appliances in your home, business, and industry. Propane also happens to be a very reasonably priced fuel, which is important in this economy.

With the future of energy changing so rapidly and new products being developed all the time, it's understandable why propane is quickly becoming the fuel of choice. Hocon is here to serve all your propane needs and answer all your fuel-related questions.

Propane is...


We can set propane tanks almost anywhere, such as behind trees or underground. Unlike oil installations, propane tanks can be set at a lower grade than the appliance without the groundwater contamination problems associated with underground oil installations.

Less expensive

Purchase and installation of propane equipment generally requires an initial investment that is typically 20-40% less than comparable oil equipment. Propane appliances are 40-60% less expensive to operate than comparable electric equipment. Propane furnaces are now are 97% efficient. Since they are vented with PVC pipe through a sidewall and direct-vent water heaters use a vent similar to clothes dryers, this eliminates the need for any type of chimney.

Cost effective

Because of the clean burning characteristics of propane, there is practically no maintenance required to retain the high efficiencies of propane fueled equipment which generally last much longer than oil fired equipment and the electric heat pump.

Safe and dependable

Every appliance is equipped with 100% safety shut-offs and most appliances are equipped with electronic ignition systems for years of trouble-free operation. Propane has one of the best safety records in industry today as well as being plentiful. 90% of all propane is produced here in North America with proven reserves estimated to last to the year 2050.

Our Specialty!

At Hocon, we carry a comprehensive line of residential and commercial propane and natural gas appliances designed to enhance the value of your home or business. Not only do we have a large selection of high efficiency propane and natural gas equipment, but we also provide 24 hour service to keep them working for you.

Although we have grown to become one of the largest family-owned propane businesses in the region, we still provide you with the most courteous, professional service that is expected from a family-owned business. Our dedication to you has been our hallmark and enables us to safely serve an ever-expanding customer base.

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Why Propane?Why Propane?Why Propane?

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