What is the difference and what are the benefits?

You may have heard the words “propane” and “gas” being used interchangeably. While propane is most certainly a gas, it is important to distinguish the difference between this energy source and other energy sources that are considered natural gases.

Propane basics

Propane is a fuel that is made from natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Since it is stored as a liquid it is also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LPG or LP. Propane is non-toxic and, therefore, not harmful to any surrounding soil, water or other organisms in the event of a spill.

Reasons to use propane over natural gas

There are many benefits of using propane as opposed to a natural gas. Here are some advantages the fuel provides to its customers:

Hocon has the propane you need

If you are interested in switching from natural gas to propane or are in need of reliable propane services, the experts at Hocon Gas can help.

We are happy to tell you about all the ways propane can be used around your home such as whole-house heating, heating water, cooking, grilling, igniting fireplaces and drying clothes in a clothes dryer.

The services we offer throughout Connecticut and in certain parts of Massachusetts and New York include:

Hocon Gas and propane can make your life easier and more convenient. Contact us today to learn more!

A look at how they warm water

We all know that homes need hot water. After all, if it wasn’t for hot water we wouldn’t be able to go about many of the daily routine things that we take for granted such as showering, washing dishes and doing laundry.

Oftentimes, the hot water we use throughout our homes comes from a tankless water heater. While homeowners who have tankless water heaters know that those water heaters provide hot water, they oftentimes don’t know much about their water heaters beyond that.

How propane tankless water heaters work

Propane tankless water heaters are intended to provide large volumes of hot water by using compact and highly innovative technology.

Your standard water heaters hold onto a supply of water at all times so that, when it’s needed, water is ready to be heated and used. This uses up resources and energy.

Propane tankless water heaters, on the other hand, use an extremely hot flame to heat water only when it’s needed. Once a tankless water heater’s faucet is turned on, a flow sensor activates a gas burner that then heats the water. That heater keeps running and warming water until the faucet is turned off.

Because tankless water heaters only heat water on an as needed basis, they help reduce standby energy losses otherwise found with standard storage tanks.

They are able to produce an endless supply of hot water, are compact and energy efficient.

The benefits of tankless water heaters

The endless supply of hot water that tankless water heaters are able to provide are probably a huge plus for most homeowners. But that’s not the only benefit tankless water heaters provide. Here is a look at their other advantages and what else they can do:

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What you need to know about the wood-burning alternatives

Many of us love the idea of getting warm and cozy in front of a fireplace on a cold, snowy winter day. But what some of us love a little less is all the effort that it can take to start a fire. And then of course there is the inevitable mess that comes along with a wood-burning fireplace.

This effort and mess is part of the reason why people opt for propane gas fireplaces and propane gas logs.

Propane gas logs

Propane gas logs are a great hassle-free and mess-free alternative to wood-burning fireplaces. They offer a lot of the same benefits that traditional fireplaces do and, oftentimes, look quite realistic. Propane fireplace inserts and log sets can easily be added to a home’s already exiting wood-burning fireplace.

Homeowners who choose to add gas logs to a traditional fireplace that is already in their home will have to choose between vent-free gas logs and vented gas logs.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two:

Why choose gas logs

The benefits of using gas logs go beyond the fact that they are cleaner, easier and more convenient than using wood for a wood-burning fireplace. Gas logs are also:

Get your gas logs at Hocon

If you are a homeowner who is trying to decide between vent-free gas logs and vented gas logs, the professionals at Hocon can help. You can call us or visit on of our showrooms to learn more about our hearth products, including our aesthetically pleasing and realistic looking gas log sets.

Hocon can also help homeowners in Connecticut with propane fireplace installations.

Contact us today to hear more about your gas log set options and to get a free fireplace installation estimate!

Why is this such a gamechanger? For years now, autogas made from conventional propane has been far more friendly to the environment and more affordable than gasoline or diesel fuel. It emits less carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen/sulfur oxides. But autogas made from renewable propane burns even cleaner.

That’s because renewable propane has a lot less carbon intensity than other energy sources. Carbon intensity measures how many grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) are generated to produce a given amount of energy. Comparatively speaking, the carbon intensity of renewable propane is up to 5 times less than that of diesel or gasoline and up to 1.5 times less than that of electricity from the U.S. power grid. Propane school busses also cost much less than their electric counterparts.

These changes mean more truck fleets and school buses will contribute to cost savings and improved overall air quality with reduced emissions.
As more renewable propane becomes available, we’ll start introducing it in our residential deliveries.

We’re proud to be leading the way in bringing clean energy solutions to our area. Learn more about renewable propane gas.

David Gable, President

While climate change is an unprecedented challenge, many have been too quick to rush down the narrow path of accelerated, forced electrification as the only solution.

Now, reality is starting to kick in. A few months ago, the companies who were supposed to build new windfarms in Connecticut to increase renewable energy supplies pulled out of those deals, citing huge increases in manufacturing costs. They were willing to pay tens of millions of dollars NOT to go forward. The same thing happened in New Jersey. And there are indications it will happen in NY.

Additionally, our governor has pushed to ban all gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. That proposed legislation is currently on hold, but word is the administration will take another run at it in 2024.

Recently, Gordon van Welie, President and CEO of ISO New England, the group responsible for managing our electric grid, asserted that initiatives to increase use of electric cars and heat pumps are expected to double electricity demand. This could make the grid even more vulnerable to blackouts and will require huge investments in building critical electric infrastructure.

We need to think carefully about how to address climate change without making energy options so expensive or mandatory that they trigger a backlash from the people of the state. We need a broader path that includes all energy sources that get increasingly renewable.

Q: What advantages do propane water heaters offer?
A: Propane water heaters have a longer life span and cost less to operate than electric water heaters. A 50-gallon propane water heater delivers the same amount of hot water as an 80-gallon electric unit. It heats your water much faster, reducing the chances you’ll run out! Tankless units achieve even higher efficiency.

Q: How does a tankless water heater work?
A: A tankless water heater operates only when hot water is needed. It’s ultra-efficient and provides virtually unlimited hot water. About the size of a suitcase, tankless water heaters can be installed in crawl spaces, attics, closets and other tight spaces. They can also be mounted on a wall.

Q: How can I replace my electric water heater with a propane one?
A: We have replaced many electric water heaters but you don’t want to wait to replace yours until your electric water heater fails. There are some extra steps involved when you change fuels. It’s best to talk to us when your unit reaches 10 years old.

Please read more about propane water heaters and then contact us for a FREE estimate.

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Here is just one of many reviews we’ve received that brought a smile to the faces of our team.

“I recently switched to Hocon after a disappointing experience with our former oil company. So far so good! I’m impressed with how knowledgeable the staff is, and how quickly they responded to our needs. I would highly recommend this company for your fuel needs.”
-April K.

Since 1952, the ability to take care of our valued customers has only been possible because of the tireless efforts of our amazing employees. The team members featured in the articles below have been with us for 20+ years! We can’t thank them enough for their loyalty and for all the times they went out of their way to help customers get untangled from an emergency.

If you get service from our Norwalk office, you already know Gail Curnyn —or at least recognize her voice. Gail has been answering our phones and assisting customers for 33 years!

“I used to work in auto parts, but when my husband sold the business, my search for new employment took me to Hocon in 1990,” she recalls.

Gail had a lot to bring to the table.

“I lived in Norwalk and I was already a Hocon customer. That was a time when they were about the only company in the area delivering propane. I was familiar with everything, from heating your home and water with propane to checking the tank gauge.”

Gail says she always felt comfortable working here from the beginning.

“This is a family-owned company that always supports its employees,” she says.

Away from work, Gail enjoys leisure time at the beach and travelling to see family and friends, including in New Hampshire and Oklahoma. She has one adult daughter.

Marie Chomicz always hits the job running when she begins her workday. It’s the best way to keep up with all her responsibilities as the office manager at our Guilford branch. Marie, who joined our team in October 2000 as a customer service representative, has served as the Guilford office manager for about 15 years.

“The main priority for all of us here is maintaining great customer relationships. You’re not going to keep 100% of the customers happy 100% of the time, but we do try our best.”

Before joining Hocon, Marie worked as a floral designer for many years, which allowed her to build up her customer service skills.

Marie has two grown daughters and two grandsons, ages 5 and 7. Her favorite activity is taking the family out for a day on her boat. A typical outing includes a cruise around parts of Long Island Sound.

Jon Clark, a 23-year member of our team who has been our service manager in Waterbury for the past decade, starts his day by assigning service calls to our technicians. He then spreads out his time being available wherever he’s needed.

“I speak to customers a lot during the day, including arranging for fireplace maintenance or scheduling a date for a furnace or tank installation.”

Jon says the best way to describe his approach to the job is his commitment to being a team player.

“We’re all team players. From the folks in the office to the guys in the yard to our service techs and drivers, we all pull together and support one another to get the job done. And the most important job we have is taking care of our customers.”

Jon and his wife, Terri, have one adult son, Jonathan, who helps his mother run her business, Devine Orchid Florist in Hamden. Each year, the couple takes a break from their busy work schedule to enjoy leisure time in their favorite vacation spot, Key West, FL.

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