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Propane grill

How Much Gas Is in My Propane BBQ Cylinder?

We’re just about at the halfway point of summer here in the Connecticut– which means your propane barbecue grill has probably been getting quite a workout for a least a couple of months.

Pros and Cons

Tankless vs. Storage Heaters: Pros and Cons

When the engineers at Stiebel-Eltron developed the first “coil immersion” water heater way back in 1924, they knew they were on to something.

Energy saving

10 Tips to Save Energy While on Vacation

If you’re planning a summer vacation, you have probably budgeted for it down to the last hotel room and dinner reservation.

But what about the cost to keep your home running while you’re away?

Severe summer weather

Order Propane Gas to Safeguard Your CT Home from Severe Summer Weather

Andrea. Dorian. Imelda. Rebekah. No, they’re not the names of characters from a new Netflix show. They’re names on this year’s Atlantic hurricane list – and there’s a good chance that you will be hearing more from at least one of them this Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Outdoor kitchen

3 Design Considerations for Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can bring a touch of luxury to your Connecticut yard space – especially if it’s outfitted with green and easy-to-clean propane appliances. But what should it include?

Summer swimming pool

Propane: The Summer Fun Fuel!

Summer 2019 is knocking on our front door – but out the back door, summer fun may have already begun, especially if you’ve invested in propane outdoor living equipment.

Summer checklist

Summer Home Comfort Checklist for Your Connecticut Home

Summer is almost here – time to relax, get out, and enjoy the good weather groove (we certainly earned it, after our extended wintry spring)! Just don’t forget to do the things that will set you up for an easier go of it in the months ahead.

Propane grill

Why Should I Upgrade to a Propane Barbecue Grill?

May is National Barbecue Month – June, the first month of summer. That means it’s time to get grilling – especially if it’s on your propane barbecue grill.

Filling up oil

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Heating Oil Tank at Least Half Full

Prevention is the best medicine – it’s true with people, and it’s true with heating oil tanks.

We’ll explain.

Family home safety

Six Safety Tips for Your Propane Water Heater

Did you know that water heaters are responsible for about 10 percent of the fires started by home heating devices?