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Choosing a Propane Tank

Picking the Right Size Propane is an extremely versatile fuel. There’s so much it can do in and around your Connecticut home. It can heat your pool and your home. It can cook your food and dry your clothes. Propane is also extremely efficient, so you get a lot for every dollar spent. During financially […]

Should You Repair Propane Appliances Yourself?

No! Leave It to the Pros! If one of your propane appliances is starting to let you and your family down, you’re probably weighing your options. Should you replace it? Should you call for repairs? Should you try to fix it yourself? If you’re tempted to go the DIY route when it comes to fixing […]

Improve Your Outdoor Space with Propane

Make the Best of Your Backyard The past few years have highlighted the importance of having an outdoor space. And perhaps the higher cost of travel has prompted you to stay local this summer. Well, there’s still plenty of ways to experience vacation mode at home. And there’s still plenty of time to enjoy spending […]

Get Your Propane Fireplace Cleaned & Inspected

Summertime Is the Best Time Summer is probably not the time you spend thinking about how great your propane fireplace is. Right now you’re most likely looking for ways to stay cool—not get warm. Heating the spaces in your Connecticut home is probably one of the furthest things from you mind. But winter will be […]

How Much Grill Time Is Left on Your Propane Tank?

Tips for Checking Your Tank’s Level Hopefully, you’re having a fantastic summer enjoying your backyard and grilling up feasts for your family and friends. Firing up the BBQ grill is one of the great joys of the season. You don’t want to get caught without enough gas! Checking Your Propane Level Not sure if you […]

Propane Safety During Severe Weather

Know What To Do in Case of Emergency There’s a lot to love about summer in New England. There’s lots of fun food to eat and so many fun ways to beat the heat. There’s a lot to love about summer, but living in Connecticut or western Massachusetts, one downside of summer is the potential […]

Achieving the Perfect Pool Temperature

Make a Splash This Summer Hocon cares about your comfort—inside and outside your Connecticut home. Now that summer is here, you’ll probably be spending more time outside your home enjoying your pool. Hocon sells and services a complete line of reliable and highly efficient propane pool and spa heaters from leading manufacturers like Raypak, Jandy, […]

Convert Your Fleet to Propane Autogas

Reasons to Make the Switch Gas prices are breaking records all across the country. If you have a fleet of vehicles to keep on the road, the cost of fuel is a big part of your bottom line. You can save money and make the greener choice with Propane Autogas. Propane Autogas, also called liquefied […]

Save Energy While on Vacation

Lower Your Energy Costs This Summer Everywhere you look, prices are on the rise. It costs more to put gas in the tank and food on the table. At Hocon, we offer our customers a reliable source of propane and heating oil at competitive prices. We care about providing you with the best service in […]

Why Do So Many Love Grilling With Propane?

Make This Summer a Gas! The season for tee shirts, shorts, and flip-flops is finally here! That means it’s also time to start flipping burgers, grilling steaks, and having a gas and a great meal from your outdoor grill. Whatever type of chef you are, Hocon has the right grill for you. We offer a […]

Propane Safety for Thunderstorms

Tips for Protecting Your Household There are lots of reasons so many customers choose to use propane. First of all, it’s extremely versatile. There’s so much it can do in and around your New England home—everything from heating your house to your deck or pool to powering your grill. And that’s just the beginning. Another […]

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