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Store Your Propane Tanks Properly This Winter

Important safety reminders Propane can do a lot in and around your New England home. Fueling your grill is just the tip of the iceberg. You may use propane to heat your deck or patio well past the fall season or to keep your fire pit, outdoor generator, or mosquito traps running. As a homeowner, […]

Why Is Heating Maintenance a Job for the Pros?

It’s just not that simple Winter is upon us, and you want to know that your furnace is up to the task of keeping your Connecticut home comfortable and warm all season long. Your furnace is also a pretty expensive component of your home, so it’s important to invest in its proper care. Your furnace plays […]

Propane Space Heaters

A smart, safe, and affordable solution Almost every home has at least one space that is always uncomfortably cold during the winter. It’s the space everyone avoids because no matter how much you crank up the thermostat, it just never seems to get warm enough. Perhaps your New England home has a space like that—a […]

Is Propane Really “Green”?

Yes! Compared to other fossil fuels, propane ranks among the highest in terms of how cleanly it burns. Compared to electricity, propane also offers unique benefits to the environment. Some of these benefits are clear when you compare an all-electric home to one that uses propane for heating. The propane home will produce up to […]

Winterize Your Home Before You Go on Vacation

5 Tips for Saving While You’re Away It’s been a challenging year, and you’re probably itching to go on vacation. Families all across America are packing bags, booking flights, and hitting the road again. Perhaps your family is too. But as you make your travel plans, don’t forget to think about the house you’ll be […]

Buying a Home with Propane Heat?

Some stuff you should know Are you planning to purchase a home in Connecticut? Have you considered buying a home with propane heat? You should. Yes, propane can power your grill, clothes dryer, water heater, and more. But the beauty of propane is its versatility. Among other things, propane is a highly efficient and affordable […]

Affordable Heating Oil in New England

If you live in Connecticut, Hocon can save you money on heating oil As the winter months approach, you’ll start needing more heating oil to stay warm and comfortable in your New England home as the temperatures drop even lower. That means the price of heating oil really matters. You want to know that you’re […]

All About Renewable Propane

Some facts about renewable propane Propane has its benefits. It is a natural by-product of energy production. It has a low carbon profile, and it’s available on-site. It doesn’t require an expensive infrastructure network for its production or delivery. It’s extremely versatile. And it can also be used in the most efficient equipment. Renewable propane […]

Choose Gas Logs Instead of Firewood

Five reasons gas logs are a better alternative to firewood A fireplace offers warmth as well as a cozy or romantic atmosphere. There’s just nothing quite like it. However, traditional fireplaces that use firewood have some drawbacks. With gas logs, you get the comfort of a fireplace without the cleanup and other hassles associated with […]

How To Prepare Your Home for Autumn

Six Ways to Make Your House More Energy Efficient & Save Money This Fall The Northeast is beautiful in the fall. This is the season of spiced pumpkin lattés, apple picking, and beautiful foliage. As the leaves begin to change and the temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to start thinking about how you can […]

How Propane Stacks up Against Electricity

9 Reasons to Opt for Propane in Your Home Electricity gets a lot of buzz, but there are a number of reasons to choose propane over electricity in your home. Here are nine benefits to opting for propane over electricity in your northeast home. Propane is cost-efficient. Appliances run on propane are extremely efficient and […]

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