A Message to Our Automatic Delivery Customers

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Let us know if anything has changed in your home

The past few years have forced most of us to change. Covid and concerns for our welfare and the safety of our families and communities caused many of us to change how and where we work, study, enjoy our friends and family and celebrate milestones and holidays. We’ve changed our travel plans. We’ve changed how we spend money. Now the seasons are changing. We’re bidding farewell to the cold snap of winter and welcoming the milder weather of spring. Crocuses have started to bloom in many a Connecticut garden. And we’re getting a bit more sunlight each day.

Perhaps this season is also bringing about changes specifically affecting your Connecticut household. If that’s the case, and you’re one of Hocon’s propane or heating oil automatic delivery customers, please keep us in the loop. Doing so helps us keep our deliveries as accurate as possible.

What changes your home fuel use?

There are lots of things that can affect your fuel usage and needs. Here are just a few:

Help us remain accurate

The more accurate a picture we have of your household’s habits and needs, the better we can serve you with accurate fuel deliveries. So please remember to keep us up to date on any significant changes in your home or household.

You can count on Hocon

Hocon has six strategic locations that serve residents and companies throughout Connecticut and in parts of Massachusetts and New York. Click here to find the branch closest to you.

Contact Hocon today to let us know about any changes in your home and to help us serve you better.

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