How Can I Avoid A Fuel Run-out?

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Let’s face it, you’ve got a lot on your mind these days, which makes it easy to forget something simple like checking the fuel levels on your heating system.

The only problem is that running out of heating oil or propane can become an inconvenient or potentially even dangerous problem for you.

Besides the inconvenience of a cold house or having no power for your propane appliances, running out of fuel can have other costly consequences. For example, a lack of heat could cause your pipes to freeze, which can do thousands of dollars in damage to your home and belongings. Running out of heating oil could cause your system to dredge up heating oil sludge from the dregs of your tank, blocking your fuel lines – and if you run out of propane, you’ll need to pay for a pressure test to get your system restarted.

Preventing A Run-out

The bottom line: running out of fuel is no fun. To avoid it this winter, try these three things:

  • Make watching your tank gauge part of your regular routine – When temperatures drop (as they’re expected to later this winter as we await another polar vortex), you’ll probably be using fuel more quickly than you realize. Build a visit to your tank into your normal day to day routine, especially as you near the one-quarter full mark.
  • Plan ahead – If you choose to remain a will call customer, monitor your own heating oil and propane levels regularly – especially when temperatures dip. Order when your tank is no less than 25 percent full (sooner during a cold snap). Don’t wait until the last minute; instant deliveries are not always possible.
  • Choose automatic delivery – With FREE automatic heating delivery, our tracking system will know when you’re ready for heating oil or propane delivery based on your past usage and the current weather; no more gauge gazing or need to call for service.

Emergency heating oil and propane deliveries in CT

If you do run out of fuel, don’t panic – we’ll get you through it with an emergency fuel delivery. In the meantime,

  • take immediate steps to retain the heat you have in your house: close curtains, block under-door drafts, hang blankets over doorways, etc.
  • if you have other heating appliances such as fireplace, space heater, or electric heater, use them. NEVER use outdoor equipment (barbecues, outdoor stoves, etc.) indoors – carbon monoxide build up can be extremely dangerous or even deadly.
  • contact us for an emergency heating oil or propane delivery.

If you run out of heating oil this fall or winter, don’t panic – contact Hocon. We’ll get your heating oil or propane to you as soon as possible, with emergency service available 24/7/365. Contact us today to become a Hocon customer!

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