Benefits Of Propane Grills Vs. Natural Gas Grills

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When it comes to convenient, high performance outdoor grilling, nothing beats cooking with gas. The question is, which gas should you use?

Both propane and natural gas grills have their benefits, though we think one comes out on top. Which is it? Let’s take a look.

Natural gas grills

The main advantage of natural gas grills is that they’re convenient: because the gas comes from a built-in line, you won’t need to bother with tank cylinder refills.

But remember: using a natural gas grill is only possible if you already have a natural gas line, which might not be the case (installing a natural gas line, if you don’t already have one, can be quite expensive – not something you are likely to do simply to connect a grill). Your grill must also be placed near the natural gas line and can’t be moved, and the up-front costs of natural gas grills are generally slightly higher than propane grills.

Propane gas grills

The biggest advantage of a propane gas grill when compared to a natural gas grill is flexibility. A propane grill can be powered by a refillable propane cylinder or, using a propane box, connected to your home’s primary propane tank. That means you can operate your propane grill as part of a built-in outdoor kitchen or move it anywhere within or outside your outdoor living space. That makes propane grills a great option for people who want to do their outdoor cooking at campgrounds, beaches, or anywhere away from home.

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