Choosing a Propane Tank

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Picking the Right Size

Propane is an extremely versatile fuel. There’s so much it can do in and around your Connecticut home. It can heat your pool and your home. It can cook your food and dry your clothes. Propane is also extremely efficient, so you get a lot for every dollar spent. During financially uncertain times like this, value like that is even more important.

Considering how versatile and cost-effective a fuel propane is, you might be looking for ways to have it do more in and around your Connecticut home. Perhaps you’d like to add some additional propane appliances like a cooking range, clothes dryer, or fireplace and you need a propane tank with a bigger capacity to handle all that. Or maybe you’re building a home and want to use propane for whole house heating, water heating, cooking, et cetera. Or maybe you’re looking to convert your current home to propane.

If you’re facing any of the above scenarios, chances are you’re in the market for a new propane tank. It’s important to choose the right one for your household’s needs. The experts at Hocon can make sure you get the right size propane tank and will ensure prompt delivery and installation.

Quality Matters

Hocon sells and installs propane tanks that are made to last for decades. We offer both aboveground and underground tanks made of heavy gauge steel that are specially coated to prevent corrosion.

Size Matters

Hocon sells propane tanks in a wide range of sizes. Which size is right for your Connecticut home depends on a few factors. Smaller tanks can fuel several appliances. Larger tanks can provide whole house heating and run appliances. They can even provide the fuel to heat your pool.

Not sure which size is right for you? The experts at Hocon can help. We can also help you decide whether it’s better to purchase or lease your tank.

Hocon Is Here for You

Come to Hocon if you’re looking for a new propane tank in Norwalk, Torrington, Waterbury, Danbury, Guilford, Suffield, Shelton or the surrounding towns in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

Contact us today or visit one of our showrooms, and we’d be happy to answer your questions or help you decide which propane tank is right for your home.

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