How Propane Can Benefit Your Company’s Bottom Line

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When you own and operate a business, you are constantly hit with a long list of expenses. No matter what kind of business you may run, one thing is probably for certain – you are always looking for ways to help your company’s bottom line. The good news is that commercial propane can help.

Propane Can Save Your Business Money

Propane is beneficial to a business in many ways. It is efficient, environmentally friendly and helps equipment operate and last longer. Propane can still fuel appliances even in the event of a power outage since it doesn’t rely on electricity and users of the fuel require less repairs on their equipment.

Propane is also incredibly cost effective, which, ultimately, can help your company’s bottom line. Propane heating equipment usually costs 20-40% less than standard oil heating equipment. Propane appliances typically cost 40-60% less in operation costs than normal electrical appliances. Thanks to their efficiency, you get more value out of propane heating appliances. You will also find yourself needing fewer repairs and replacing equipment less when using propane since it is such a clean-burning fuel, which ultimately adds up to cost savings.

What Businesses Can Use Propane

Thanks to the fuel’s versatility, many businesses are able to benefit by using propane, including:

Go A Step Further With Commercial Tank Planning

Hocon’s commercial tank planning services are also cost effective. With this reasonably priced service, the professionals at Hocon design a fuel storage system that meets your businesses’ individual needs. We also secure any required permits, calculate heat losses, install propane tanks, service equipment and provide tank refills.

Commercial tank planning and bulk propane deliveries are reliable, convenient and allow you to be stress-free when it comes to your company’s propane needs.

Commercial Propane Contractors

If you are a business owner in the market for a commercial propane contractor, here are some things you should be aware of:

Let Hocon Help Your Business

Businesses in Connecticut and select parts of Massachusetts and New York can trust the professionals at Hocon when it comes to dependable and affordable propane and commercial tank planning services. Our thoroughly trained service technicians can provide propane to restaurants, construction sites, country clubs, nursing homes, offices, warehouses, farms, multi-family buildings and hotels.

Contact Hocon today so your business can start benefiting from our commercial propane services.

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