Commercial Propane for Manufacturing

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Ways the industry uses the fuel

Manufacturing companies are extremely busy places. After all, a manufacturing facility is where products are being made, packaged, moved around and sent out into the world. And sometimes a lot of what needs to be accomplished by a manufacturing business would simply not be possible without commercial propane.

Ways commercial propane is used in the manufacturing industry

Thanks to how versatile the fuel is commercial propane can be used in multiple ways within the manufacturing industry. Commercial propane can:

Other industries that use commercial propane

The manufacturing industry is far from the only industry that uses commercial propane. Commercial propane is also commonly used in:

Why all these industries are turning to commercial propane

On top of being versatile and able to power an extensive number of appliances, equipment and machinery as we mentioned above, commercial propane also:

Commercial propane from Hocon Gas

Whether you need commercial propane for your construction site, office building, commercial kitchen or farm, Hocon Gas can help. We are available to provide the fuel to any business in Connecticut or Western Massachusetts. Our team is made up of service technicians who have undergone extensive training that, in turn, keeps you, your business and your employees safe and out of harm’s way.

Hocon Gas is ready to partner with your business and get you the fairly priced, clean and reliable commercial propane your company needs to stay up and running. We even offer a commercial propane tank planning service where we design a fuel storage system that is specific to your company’s needs, install the system on your work site and replenish your fuel supply as necessary.

Contact us today to start benefiting from all the commercial propane services that we are proud to offer!

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