Commercial Propane-Powered Food Trucks & Catering

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What the fuel can be used for and reasons to use it

You need numerous elements to run and operate a business. A lot of times you need staff members to manage the day-to-day logistics. There are specific materials and pieces of machinery. You often need some sort of commercial space. And a lot of commercial business owners need commercial propane.

Where commercial propane is used

So many different industries rely on commercial propane to help their businesses function. Commercial propane is used in:

What commercial propane can do

Part of why commercial propane is used in so many different industries and by various types of commercial businesses is because it can be used to get such a wide variety of jobs done. Here is a look at just some of the things commercial propane can be used for:

Using propane for food trucks and catering businesses

In addition to everything mentioned above, propane can also be used to grill and cook in commercial kitchens. In fact, it is a popular fuel choice among food truck owners and owners of catering companies.

Cooking with propane appliances, whether this propane appliance is a grill or cooking range, is preferred by many, in part, because it allows you to achieve precise temperature control.

Propane appliances are also incredibly efficient, which helps produce large quantities of food in a short amount of time – something that a lot of food trucks and catering businesses need to do. On top of that, grilling with propane costs about 50% less than grilling with electricity.

Food trucks and catering businesses can also count on propane-powered backup generators in a blackout, to get hot water and heat and to power clothes dryers used for drying things like a company’s napkins and linens.

Why commercial propane is a solid choice

The fact that commercial propane is extremely efficient isn’t the only benefit the fuel provides to business owners. Propane also:

You can count on Hocon for your commercial propane

If you are a business owner in Connecticut or in certain parts of New York and Massachusetts, you can count on Hocon for commercial propane services and convenient bulk propane deliveries.

Our trained service technicians can help with commercial propane tank planning, fuel tank and gas system sizing and installations as well as gas supply system designing.

Contact Hocon today and let us know how we can help keep your business up and running with commercial propane.

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