Get What You Need With Commercial Tank Planning

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There is a lot to juggle and a lot of decisions to make as a commercial business owner. Anyone who owns a business knows that a lot of time is spent weighing the pros and cons of various choices and next steps. Luckily, Hocon is here to make your decisions about propane gas services easier thanks to commercial tank planning.

What Is Commercial Tank Planning?

Hocon is a proud provider of propane gas services to various businesses throughout the Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York areas. We’ve taken that one step further with commercial tank planning. So what is commercial tank planning?

With Hocon’s commercial tank planning service, we design a fuel storage system that takes both safety and cost effectiveness into account. We look closely at each and every business’s propane needs and work hand in hand with our customers to meet those needs. The service includes securing any necessary permits, calculating heat losses, propane tank installation and equipment maintenance. We also provide tank refills when necessary.

Commercial Tank Planning Is Good For Your Business

Hocon designs fuel storage systems on an individual basis – that means the system is catered to your specific business and needs. Additionally, our services are reliable and reasonably priced, which means commercial tank planning is not a hindrance on your business financially. The bulk deliveries that we offer make things easy and hassle free for you and your company. Our professional team is also available for servicing and maintenance whenever you find yourself in need. Another plus – we’ve created stations that allow for companies to refill their own propane supply for forklift cylinders, engine fuel, heat cylinders and hot air balloons. Hocon is here to help your business thrive with our commercial tank planning.

Propane For Businesses

If you are a commercial business and not using propane, you may want to consider making a switch to take advantage of the fuel’s versatility and cost savings. Many businesses can benefit greatly by using propane, including:

Hocon Can Help

If you’re a commercial business in Connecticut or in certain parts of Massachusetts or New York and you’re looking for propane, Hocon can help. And if you’re looking to take your propane supply a step further, we can help you secure a commercial tank planning service plan.

Contact us today to learn more about all our commercial propane services and how we can help your business.

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