Could Your Furnace Be Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality?

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Your gas furnace does a great job keeping you warm through the long Connecticut winter –but could it also be making you sick? It could be if your furnace hasn’t been properly cared for or isn’t functioning the way it should be.

Here are three possible heating system problems that could be affecting the air you’re breathing at home.

  • The air filter needs to be replaced – The air filter in a forced air system (one with vents and a furnace rather than baseboards or radiators and a boiler) removes allergens and irritants from the air before they enter your ductwork and living space. But a clogged air filter will cause a build-up of contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mites, which will then recirculate into your home. That could be a big problem for people with respiratory sensitivities.

    Check your filter at least once a month during peak heating (and cooling) seasons, replacing (or cleaning, depending on the model) the filter as needed.

  • Your furnace needs professional service – Any heating system that burns fuel also emits harmful exhaust fumes – including dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) gas. In a properly functioning heating system, these gases escape harmlessly into the outdoor air – but if your heating system is broken, inadequately vented, or has been installed incorrectly, a potentially dangerous buildup of odorless CO and other gases can occur inside your home.

    That’s why it’s so important to learn the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, to install CO detectors at every level of your Connecticut home, and to have your furnace professionally inspected and maintained every year.

  • Your furnace is old and needs to be replaced – A well-maintained furnace should last about 12 to 15 years; beyond that point, performance starts to drop off dramatically, and one of the things that will suffer is the quality of your indoor air.

    One problem that plagues many older systems is a cracked heat exchanger – a dangerous problem that can release CO into your home. If you have an older furnace, annual inspections are essential – and replacing your old equipment with a safe, high-efficiency propane furnace is often a smart move.

Ready to breathe easier in your Connecticut home? Contact Hocon today to schedule routine heating system maintenance. If you’re ready to replace an old heating system, we can help you there, too – contact us for a FREE, no-obligation estimate.

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