Do I Have to Worry About My Propane Freezing?

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We’ve already had some bitterly cold days this winter. Do you have an aboveground propane tank on your Connecticut property? Have you ever wondered how the cold weather affects the propane in your tank? For example, can propane freeze? Are there any special care instructions for your propane tank during the coldest winter months? Let’s find out!

So, can propane freeze. Yes, propane can freeze. However, will it freeze in your tank? Probably not. Why? Propane has a freezing point of -44 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a pretty exceptional temperature, so you don’t really need to worry about your propane freezing.

Propane and the cold

Although having your propane freeze doesn’t need to be something you worry about this winter, it is helpful to know how the colder days could affect the propane in your tank. Although rare, propane can be affected by extremely cold weather in ways you should be aware of.

Because propane is a liquid, it contracts when exposed to very cold temperatures. When the propane in your tank contracts, the volume it occupies decreases. That will cause the propane pressure in your tank to decrease. If the pressure gets too low, the propane will have a harder time reaching your gas burner and you may have a tough time running your propane appliances.

It’s a rare problem, but it’s still worthwhile knowing how to make pressure problems less likely when the cold weather makes them a possibility. Here are some tips for avoiding low propane pressure problems:

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