How Can I Make My Oil Furnace Last?

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Valentine’s month is a good time to remember that nothing lasts forever – not even your oil furnace. How long it lasts (your furnace, not the other thing) depends on the kind of steps you take to keep your heating system running well.

Follow these six steps and you could extend your furnace life expectancy by several years while keeping your energy costs low in the process.

Extend your furnace life span:

  1. Get professional oil furnace maintenance every year – The enemy of furnace longevity (or any equipment, for that matter) is overwork – and that’s exactly what will happen if your oil furnace has to overcome dirt, residue, and worn or wearing parts to do its job.

    With annual furnace maintenance, an experienced heating technician will clean your equipment from the inside-out, replacing worn parts along the way so your equipment is running as efficiently as possible. He’ll also be on the lookout for small issues that could turn into big problems down the road – including safety issues such as a cracked heat exchanger.

  2. Check and replace your air filters regularly – A clogged filter reduces air flow problems that once again make your furnace overwork to do its job. That creates strain on the blower motor and all moving parts in your heating system – not to mention the toll that not having a functioning air filter in your HVAC system can have on your health.
  3. Clean your ductwork every three to five years – Over time, dirt and dust can deposit along the lining of HVAC air ducts, narrowing those passages and causing (here comes the “O” word again) overwork in your system. If you want your furnace to last – and want to have lower bills and cleaner air in your home – get a professional duct cleaning every three to five years.
  4. Keep sensible thermostat temperatures – Spend a lot of time away from home? Why not give your furnace a mini-vacation by turning your thermostat down for a few hours. Programmable thermostats are a great way to manage temperatures throughout the day so you can take some of the burden of running off your furnace.
  5. Use your ceiling fans – Hot air rises, but a ceiling fan can push that hot air back into the room where it belongs. Just make sure it’s turning in the right direction. By using ceiling fans, your heating system won’t have to work as hard to keep you warm and comfortable.
  6. Fix furnace problems quickly – When it comes to heating repairs, never procrastinate. Not only will you pay more for that repair as the wear and tear on your equipment continues, but you may end up having a premature heating system breakdown when you need your furnace most – in the dead of winter.

The bottom line

The average oil furnace will last between 13 and 15 years – but by staying proactive with oil furnace maintenance and reporting problem issues the moment they arise, you might extend that life by three to five years or more.

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