Propane Hearths: 5 Reasons To Install One This Winter

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Most of us love the idea of having a fireplace to come home to on a cold Connecticut night, but few of us like the actual work of setting up, maintaining, and cleaning up after that fire – or doing the work needed to keep a chimney safe.

The good news is you can experience the same warm, comforting hearthside glow without those hassles when you install a propane fireplace, cast iron stove, fireplace insert, or gas log set.

Gas Fireplace Benefits

Choose a propane hearth and you will get these benefits and more:

  • One-click convenience – Imagine never having to gather, chop, or buy wood, never having to sweep ashes, and never having to clean up the wood chips and sticks your family tracks throughout the house. With a propane fire feature, all you’ll have to do is click “on” and “off” to enjoy a fireside evening at home.
  • A beautiful centerpiece for your favorite room – Today’s propane hearths produce realistic flames and come in a range of attractive styles and finishes, so they’ll make a perfect focal point for your living room or den.
  • Safe, reliable operation – With a propane gas fireplace, you’ll have no more embers, unstable log piles, or dangerous creosote buildup in your chimney. Just maintain hearth properly and it will provide safe, reliable heat year after year.
  • An efficient source of heat – A propane fireplace operates at four to five times the efficiency of a wood fireplace, so you’ll pay less to stay warm. You’ll also eliminate chimney cleaning, saving even more money.
  • A smaller carbon footprint – Clean-burning propane emits far fewer pollutants and less CO2 than wood – good for your health, good for the air, and good for the planet.

If you don’t have a fireplace yet, give us a call and ask about a propane hearth installation – it’s more affordable than you think. If you already have a masonry fireplace but want to enjoy the convenience of propane power, consider adding a propane fireplace insert or gas log set.

Either way, be sure to fill your propane tank with Hocon – the most reliable source of propane deliveries in our Connecticut service area.

Spend less time setting up and cleaning up your fireplace and more time enjoying it –Install a propane hearth, fueled with propane from Hocon! Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate on a propane fireplace installation in CT.

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