Propane Hearths: 5 Reasons To Install One This Winter

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Most of us love the idea of having a fireplace to come home to on a cold Connecticut night, but few of us like the actual work of setting up, maintaining, and cleaning up after that fire – or doing the work needed to keep a chimney safe.

The good news is you can experience the same warm, comforting hearthside glow without those hassles when you install a propane fireplace, cast iron stove, fireplace insert, or gas log set.

Gas Fireplace Benefits

Choose a propane hearth and you will get these benefits and more:

If you don’t have a fireplace yet, give us a call and ask about a propane hearth installation – it’s more affordable than you think. If you already have a masonry fireplace but want to enjoy the convenience of propane power, consider adding a propane fireplace insert or gas log set.

Either way, be sure to fill your propane tank with Hocon – the most reliable source of propane deliveries in our Connecticut service area.

Spend less time setting up and cleaning up your fireplace and more time enjoying it –Install a propane hearth, fueled with propane from Hocon! Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate on a propane fireplace installation in CT.

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