Why You Shouldn’t DIY Gas Appliance Repair

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Leave It to the Pros!

A lot of families are under more financial pressure these days than they’ve been in the past. It’s made a lot of us look for any way we can cut costs and save money to help our budgets. That includes doing more things for ourselves. And while there are lots of things you can safely do yourself in and around your Connecticut home, repairing your propane appliances isn’t one of them. Fixing a propane appliance requires a lot of training and expertise. If you try to fix your propane gas appliances yourself, you could be putting the health and safety of your household in serious jeopardy. Additionally, you could end up doing additional damage to your equipment.

Don’t try to DIY you gas appliance repairs. Trust the expert technicians at Hocon with any propane appliance repair you need.

Stay Safe

Hocon cares about the safety of our customers. That is the primary reason we say propane appliances should be installed, maintained, and repaired by a trained professional. Without the proper training, you could put yourself in harm’s way or cause additional damage to your equipment. Leave it to the professionals instead.

A professional has the knowledge and the right tools to deal with the advanced technology used in most modern propane appliances. Many of those tools aren’t available at your local home improvement store. A trained professional will also be better able to identify and address any safety concerns you might miss as an amateur. Trust us, the money you might save trying to do it yourself isn’t worth the potential harm a mistake could lead to for you or your family. And chances are you’ll end up having to call in the pros anyway if you make the problem worse.

Know What You Don’t Know

Even if you like a challenge or think the repair looks very straightforward, we don’t recommend the DIY approach to propane appliance repairs. Most propane appliances contain delicate parts that require expert handling. Watching a few tutorial videos online is no match for the extensive training the experts at Hocon have undergone. And they work hard to keep up with the latest technology. This allows them to perform their work as efficiently and safely as possible on any propane appliance.

As someone without professional training and experience, you’re much more likely to make a costly or dangerous mistake when trying to repair your propane appliances yourself. If that happens, you’ll still end up needing to call a professional to fix the original problem plus any new problems you created. Your attempt to save money could end up costing you more in the end. It’s not worth it, especially from a safety perspective.

Protect Your Propane Appliances

As with most of the things in your home, your propane appliances are an investment. Protect that investment by always choosing a professional to make any repairs. And consider one of the worst-case scenarios, what if your failed attempt to repair your appliance makes it necessary to buy a new one when a professional could have fixed it? Furthermore, trying to repair your propane appliance yourself could void its warranty.

Let Hocon Handle It

For the safety of everyone in your household, and for a better outcome, don’t try to repair your propane appliances yourself. Let Hocon handle it. Our staff is expertly trained and will get your appliance back up and running again or let you know if it’s time for an upgrade.

Hocon has six strategic locations that serve our customers in Connecticut and parts of Massachusetts and New York.

Contact Hocon today or visit one of our service centers to learn more or request a repair.

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