Choose Gas Logs Instead of Firewood

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Five reasons gas logs are a better alternative to firewood

A fireplace offers warmth as well as a cozy or romantic atmosphere. There’s just nothing quite like it. However, traditional fireplaces that use firewood have some drawbacks. With gas logs, you get the comfort of a fireplace without the cleanup and other hassles associated with firewood.

A propane gas log-set is easy to use and can look like burning wood. You can easily convert a conventional wood fireplace to a gas-fueled system. Here are five reasons to consider a gas log set as an alternative to wood in your New York or New England home:

  1. Gas logs are clean, easy, and convenient. You won’t have to purchase or chop wood, spend time cleaning up ash, or pay for chimney maintenance. You won’t even have to look for matches, because you can start your propane gas logs from the comfort of your couch with a remote control! Nothing could be easier!
  2. Gas logs are an economical choice. There are a lot of expenses associated with a wood-burning fireplace that get eliminated when you switch to a gas log set. For every hour you use your fireplace, you’ll save at least 30%–40% in costs. And that’s before taking maintenance fees into account.
  3. Gas logs are eco-friendly. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that produces no harmful particulates. The carbon emissions associated with gas-fueled fireplaces are 35%–40% lower than those for traditional wood-burning fireplaces.
  4. Gas logs are safe. Especially if you have children or pets, you’ll appreciate the safety of a gas log set. It’s also a smart choice for small spaces. Gas logs don’t produce flying sparks like burning wood does.
  5. Gas logs are customizable. With gas logs, you have full control over the aesthetics of your fire. You can choose logs that look like your favorite type of wood, and gas logs come in a variety of sizes.

Hocon Gas carries a complete line of beautiful fireplaces and gas log sets from brands you know and trust. We can install a unit in any room of your home. Visit one of our showrooms, and our dedicated staff will help you give your house the look and warmth of real fire without the danger, mess, and expense of a wood-burning unit. For your convenience, our hearth stores don’t just sell appliances, each one also has a propane gas delivery department and a propane gas appliance repair and service department.

Hocon Gas has six convenient locations serving thousands of commercial and residential customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Find the branch closest to you.

Contact us today to learn more about having a hearth appliance professionally installed, serviced, or repaired by the Hocon Team. Find out firsthand why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can feel comfortable with us.

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