How Can I Heat My Pool to the Temperature I Like?

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If you like swimming in a comfortable pool all summer long, a pool heater can be a great addition to your Connecticut home. But what kind of pool heater should you get? The answer to that question depends a lot on how warm you like your pool, and when you intend to use it.

Let’s take a look at some of the options.  

If you like water in the 80-85° range: If you like a pool that stays almost as warm as the summer air gets here in Connecticut, about the only way to manage that trick is with a gas pool heater. There is simply no quicker or more effective way to heat your pool.

Even though propane is an extremely efficient way to heat water, running a propane heater full-time can get costly – a big reason why it’s super-important to have your pool heater maintained every year, and to do what you can to help the water retain as much heat as possible.

Propane pool heaters are also about the only way to keep your pool water reliably warm when temperatures dip – on a cool night or morning, for example, or during the shoulder swimming times of late spring and early September.

If you like water in the low- to mid-70° range: Propane pool heaters work best here, too. Electric heat pumps can do a good job of heating your pool for daily use – but keep in mind that they use heat from the air near your pool to heat the water. That makes them a great option if you live in Florida, or if air temperatures are at least as high as the water temperatures you want for your swimming. But as soon as temperatures dip, you’re going to lose that heat pretty quickly, and have to wait for the next heat wave to get it back.

If you like water cooler than 70°: If you don’t mind a bracing dip, your pool heating options widen. For example, a solar pool heater might keep your pool warm enough for your taste. Just keep in mind that a solar pool heater, much like a heat pump, can’t reliably raise temperatures more than a few degrees above the air temperature. They also need something we don’t always get here in Connecticut: a steady supply of sun to keep the heater running reliably.

The Bottom Line

Pool heaters can be a great option for helping you swim comfortably, but only a gas pool heater will help overcome the cooler air temperatures we often see here in late spring and late summer – not to mention on the many cooler nights and evenings we see in between.

If you want a reliably warm pool, gas is the only way to go – and if you want that luxury without the inconvenience of connecting a natural gas line, a propane gas pool heater fits the bill perfectly.

Swim earlier and later in the year, and on cool nights and mornings, with a propane pool heater from Hocon. Contact us today to learn more about propane pool heater installations in Connecticut!

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