Does Heating Oil or Electric Home Heating Cost More?

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A look at what is more cost effective

Here in New England, using heat consistently throughout the winter is pretty standard. It is not at all unusual to have our heating systems on for months at a time. So it would be completely understandable for any homeowner to want to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to their home’s heating oil costs.

Heating Oil Vs. Electric Home Heating Costs

Two popular ways to heat a home are with heating oil powered furnaces or boilers or electric systems. The systems vary in a few ways, one of them being how much they cost.

Since many homes already have electricity, there are not typically a lot of installation costs when it comes to setting up an electric heating system. To use heating oil, you need a furnace or a boiler, which, if not already in your home, need to be installed and, of course, paid for.

Electric systems also don’t need a lot of upkeep and maintenance, which can be a cost savings as well. However, they are fairly pricey to run through the winter season.

Warmth from a heating system that uses heating oil lasts longer compared to an electric system, which is one of their advantages and reasons people choose to use it. Additionally, heating oil systems don’t need a constant source of electricity to run and operate. Ultimately, all of this helps cut down on operating costs.

While of course it depends on your exact home, where you live and how often you use your heat, heating oil systems are generally the more cost-effective option compared to electric home heating.

What Affects Heating Oil Prices

Like the price of most things, the price of heating oil changes and fluctuates. This fluctuation is due to a few factors:

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