Heating System Inspection Checklist and Problems – Part 1 of 2

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A heating system inspection is one of the more important home comfort investments you’ll make in your Connecticut home – it will keep your equipment running safely and efficiently through the long, cold New England winter.

But what really happens during a heating inspection? Let’s take a look at some of the more common areas that an expert heating technician will check out during a routine service visit.

Heating inspection checklist

A typical heating inspection should, at minimum, check the following components:

  • The heat exchanger – Heat exchangers are devices that enable heat from one fluid to transfer to another fluid without the two fluids coming into contact. If the heat exchanger isn’t working properly, your heating system will lose efficiency and won’t be able to produce heat consistently.
  • The air filter – A clogged air filter causes your heating system to overwork to heat your home; that will lead not only to inefficiency issues, but also to preventable heating system repairs. In extreme cases, a clogged air filter can even cause a heating system failure.
  • The thermostat – Before test-starting the furnace or boiler, a technician will verify that the thermostat is working and recording the correct room temperature. He should then test-start the furnace and make sure it responds to re-setting your thermostat.
  • Gas sampling – Your technician should collect flue gas samples to test your system’s efficiency level, smoke content, oxygen count, and temperature consistency.
  • Other tasks – Other tasks that are usually included in a heating system inspection include:
    • Cleaning your system’s burners
    • Inspecting all safety switches
    • Cleaning, inspecting, and possibly lubricating the system’s blower motors
    • Checking fan belts for any signs of cracking or breakage

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