How Do Gas Logs Work?

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Are They Right for Your Home?

When looking for ways to add comfort and charm to your Connecticut home, Hocon offers a number of propane hearth products that provide the look and warmth of a real fire without the danger, mess, and expense associated with wood-burning units. Choose from propane gas fireplaces, gas log sets, and fireplace inserts.

What Is a Gas Log?

A gas log includes piping and ceramic logs. The pipes direct propane gas through holes in the logs. Once ignited, the ceramic logs produce a steady flame as the propane burns harmlessly on the surface of the ceramic logs.

Igniting a gas log is much less involved than getting a traditional fire started. Gas logs can be ignited with the turn of a knob or the push of a button on a remote control. It’s really that easy!

Gas Logs vs. Firewood

Traditional fireplaces that use firewood have some drawbacks. A propane gas log set is easy to use and can look like burning wood. A propane gas log set also offers the same comfort of a traditional fireplace without the cleanup and other disadvantages.

Here are five reasons to consider gas log sets as an alternative to wood:

  1. Gas logs are cleaner and more convenient. With a propane log set, you don’t have to purchase or chop wood, clean up any ashy messes, or pay for chimney maintenance. You don’t even have to find a lighter or matches to get your fire started.
  2. Gas logs save you money. Many of the expenses associated with a wood-burning fireplace get eliminated when you switch to a gas log set. For every hour you use your fireplace, you’ll be saving at least 30%–40% in costs. And that’s before you consider the higher maintenance fees for wood burning fireplaces.
  3. Gas logs are eco-friendly. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that produces no harmful particulates. The carbon emissions associated with gas-fueled fireplaces are 35%–40% lower than those for traditional wood-burning fireplaces.
  4. Gas logs are safer than wood. Especially if you have children or animals in your Connecticut or Western Massachusetts home, you’ll appreciate the safety of a gas log set. It’s also a smart and safer choice for small spaces. There are no flying sparks.
  5. Gas logs can be customized. With gas logs, you have full control over what your fire will look like. Realistic-looking ceramic-fiber logs come in a wide variety of configurations and even different species of wood. Choose your favorite type of wood and the size and style you prefer. Contact Hocon or visit one of our showrooms to learn more about the different options we carry.

It’s Easy to Convert

Already have a fireplace designed for wood? That’s okay. It’s easy to convert a conventional wood fireplace to a gas-fueled system with propane gas logs or a propane fireplace insert. Hocon can install a propane fireplace in any room in your home!

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