How Much Heating Oil Does A House Use Per Year?

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Estimating your fuel usage

Many of us like to plan ahead, especially when it comes to something important such as how much heating oil you can anticipate using. While it’s hard to plan down to a science and know exactly how much heating oil a homeowner here in Connecticut will run through a year, there are ways to estimate one’s fuel usage.

Estimating heating oil usage

Typically, you can estimate that a 2,500-square foot home will use between five and eight gallons of heating oil a day over the course of a winter season. Therefore a home of this size can count on a 275-gallon tank (which holds about 240 gallons of propane) to last about five to six weeks.

Keep in mind that the above is just an estimate and a general rule of thumb. There are multiple other elements to consider when you are trying to get an idea of how much heating oil you are going to use throughout a winter season. This includes:

Making the most of your heating oil

Chances are that you want to make the most out of the heating oil you have and order from your provider. The good news is that there are a few ways to do this:

Reliable heating oil deliveries from Hocon Gas

When your Connecticut home needs heating oil the team at Hocon Gas is whom you should call. You can either be a Will Call customer (meaning you call us when your fuel supply is running low) or opt into our automatic delivery service (an option that allows us to track how much fuel you use based on the weather and past usage).

When it’s time for you to upgrade your furnace or boiler our professional and experienced technicians can install a new heating system for you. They’ll make sure your installation is performed at the highest of standards.

Let us help you stay warm all winter long. Contact Hocon today to start receiving home heating oil deliveries in Connecticut!

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