Is Propane Renewable Energy?

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A look at how the fuel is becoming even more environmentally friendly

Using propane throughout a home or in a commercial setting is growing in popularity and becoming quite standard. The fuel is becoming more popular, in part, because it is an environmentally friendly choice. After all, so many of us are doing our part to be “green” these days by driving our hybrid cars and adding solar panels to our homes. Propane is even on its way to being a renewable energy source!

Basic facts about renewable propane

Here is some basic, insightful and hopefully helpful information about renewable propane:

How renewable propane helps the environment

As we mentioned, traditional propane itself is already environmentally friendly. It is clean-burning, non-toxic and is not harmful to any surrounding animals, soil, water or other living organisms. Propane also helps appliances run and operate more efficiently and at a faster speed, which is beneficial to the environment as well.

Renewable propane helps the environment in the same ways traditional propane does. However, renewable propane goes even a step further.

There are two main ways that renewable propane is advantageous to the environment:

  1. Carbon reduction: When you compare renewable propane to other energy sources, you will find that its carbon intensity is better. The carbon intensity of renewable propane is up to five times better when compared to both diesel fuel and gasoline and up to 1.5 times better when compared to electricity from the US power grid.
  2. Landfill diversion: The renewable propane production process helps reduce waste that eventually makes its way to landfills.

Propane from Hocon Gas

Hocon Gas is working hard to make renewable propane more accessible and attainable. Even though it is specific to just our commercial sector at this point in time (you can get it in the form of autogas at the Pride Travel Center outside Hartford), you can still make an environmentally friendly choice by powering your home or commercial space with Hocon Gas’s standard propane.

We service Connecticut and certain parts of Massachusetts and New York and provide:

Hocon Gas can tell you all about the ways propane can make your life easier and more convenient and how you can make the most of your propane supply.

Whether you are looking to heat your home, add propane appliances to your outdoor living space or power equipment at your worksite, we can help. Contact Hocon today to learn more!

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