Let Hocon Manage Your Propane Deliveries with FREE Automatic Delivery

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In our experience, most people don’t particularly want to think about keeping one eye on their propane gauge all winter long – and no one wants to deal with the hassles and potential risks of running out of gas when the mercury plummets like it did last winter.

Fortunately, Hocon Gas offers a FREE service that can help you avoid these problems altogether: automatic propane delivery.

Here’s how it works:

If it’s such a great service, why is automatic delivery free?

Automatic delivery is free because it helps us schedule the most efficient delivery routes possible – that way we can serve all our customers and avoid having to send crews out for emergency run-outs. You get hassle-free propane deliveries, we get efficient routes, and everyone gets their propane. It’s a win-win-win!

The bottom line

Fuel run-outs are a costly and potentially dangerous mistake: extinguished pilot lights can be a safety hazard, and the cost for a professional restart of your heating system (required by law after any propane system shut-off) will come out of your pocket. With FREE automatic delivery, you can say goodbye to all of those risks and just enjoy your warm, cozy Connecticut home.

Don’t risk a heating oil or propane run-out – sign up for FREE automatic delivery from Hocon Gas today. Contact us for details.

*Thinking about joining the Hocon Gas family of customers? Come on board as an Automatic Delivery customer before November 1 and you’ll get one free gallon for every gallon of propane you buy! Restrictions apply – contact us today for details.

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