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Two Key Questions to Ask When Buying a New Propane Tank – Part 1 of 2

When it comes time to replace your home’s propane tank – whether because your current tank has reached the end of its usable life or simply because you’ve outgrown your previous model…

Propane fire pit

Upgrade Your Summer with the Power of Propane

Believe it or not, summer 2018 is almost here – and we’ve certainly earned it after the winter we just had (officially it’s a bit more than six weeks away, but unofficially? We’re already looking longingly at Memorial Day weekend).

Safety tips

Six Spring Propane Safety Tips

Here at Hocon Gas, nothing is more important than keeping you and your family safe – and although propane is one of the safest sources of home energy around, it does require some basic care and knowledge about it to keep your family protected.

Landscaping equipment

Five Steps to Converting Your Landscape Business to Propane Gas

If you own a landscape business and are looking for a competitive edge this spring and summer, converting your fleet to propane power could be just the ticket to kicking your bottom line up a notch:

Water heater shower

Six Ways to Get More from Your Water Heater

Your water heater is a quiet workhorse in your home, working hard every day to heat the water you use in all your appliances and taps.

Backyard pool

Kick Winter 2017/18 to the Curb: Install a Propane Pool Heater

We’ve earned our spring here in Connecticut, after four straight Nor’easters and an early season snowstorm – and when it comes to getting the warm thoughts started, nothing beats fantasizing about the pool season to come.

Propane-fired appliances home

The Propane Advantage for Builders

As a builder, you know that every choice you make for your project matters – and two of the most important one’s you’ll have to make are how to power your building, and how to market it so it stands out from the crowd.

Relaxing on the patio

Choosing the Right Patio Heater

It may not feel like it, but ready or not, spring is officially here – and soon it will be time to kick off a new season of outdoor living at your Connecticut home.

Indoor patio heater

Propane Can Do That…

You may think of propane simply as fuel for your barbecue grill – and if you do, you’re missing out on one of the most versatile ways to power your Connecticut home.

Green eco car

Smart Move: Yale Turns to Clean, Green Propane Autogas

As you may have heard, our Connecticut neighbors at Yale University have a bit of a reputation for doing smart things. Take 2015, for example.

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Since our founding in 1952, Hocon Gas has taken a customer-first approach to serving our friends and neighbors in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts – and now is no exception.

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