Achieving the Perfect Pool Temperature

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Make a Splash This Summer

Hocon cares about your comfort—inside and outside your Connecticut home. Now that summer is here, you’ll probably be spending more time outside your home enjoying your pool.

Hocon sells and services a complete line of reliable and highly efficient propane pool and spa heaters from leading manufacturers like Raypak, Jandy, Sta-Rite and Hayward. In fact, we install more pool heaters than just about anyone in Connecticut.

Having a propane pool heater means you can enjoy your pool for even more days of the year—from early spring to late autumn. So there’s no need to let a cool morning or evening keep you out of the water.

Getting the Temperature Just Right

A propane pool heater is a great way to keep your pool’s water nice and warm. Here are some other ways to make sure the temperature of your pool is ideal all season long without costing you an arm and a leg:

  1. If you already have a propane pool heater, have one of our professional technicians inspect and service it. That will help your heater run at peak efficiency. An efficient pool heater costs less to run. That’s just one reason propane pool heaters are better than their electric counterparts. They heat your water faster and more efficiently than electric heat pumps.
  2. Evaporation is the primary reason pools don’t maintain the ideal temperature. Using a pool cover will help with that. In fact, it could save you up to 70% of your pool heating costs. Keep a cover on your pool whenever it’s not in use. Using a pool cover will also save water and help keep your pool cleaner.
  3. Most people like their pool somewhere between 78 degrees and 82 degrees. That’s a personal choice. Just keep in mind that changing the temperature of your pool a few degrees one way or another is going to have a sizable effect on your energy costs. So keep it as cool as you’re comfortable with.

You Can Rely on Hocon

In addition to a wide variety of propane appliances like pool heaters, Hocon provides reliable propane delivery at a reasonable price to the residents of central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. So whatever your propane needs are, you can rely on Hocon.

Contact Hocon today to order propane or request pool service from one of our experts. 

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