Heating Season: Time To Plan Ahead!

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Yes, it’s August. Yes, temperatures have routinely hit the 90 degree mark for the better part of the last month here in Connecticut. And yes, we’ve still got about six weeks until we officially enter the fall season.

But don’t let all of that fool you.

This year – perhaps more than any in recent memory – it will pay to stay one step ahead of the crowd and schedule your annual heating system inspection and tune-up early. Once we hit Labor Day, our maintenance calendars start to fill – and with so many people anticipating more time at home than usual this fall, those crowds will be bigger than ever.

Heating System Prep To-do List

Here are three things to do for your heating system in the weeks to come:

  1. Schedule your tune-up – Get a comprehensive heating system tune-up for your gas fired boiler or furnace or oil-fired equipment now and you will enjoy more comfort, better efficiency, and more peace of mind for a full heating season. It also gives you time fix any problems that your technician might find (see #2 below) without the added pressure that cold weather creates: if you discover that you need a new furnace or boiler, you’ll still have plenty of time to get it installed (see #3 below) before the season starts.
  2. Take care of any needed repairs – With winter temperatures that lasted until late May and more hours running with families at home, winter 2019/20 was a tough one for heating systems – chances are your equipment will need some work done before getting back to work this fall. Our expert technicians will spot any leaks, damaged parts, or other heating equipment repairs that will need attention during your tune-up and take care of them before heating season begins.
  3. Make sensible upgrades – If you’ve been thinking about investing in a new heating system, summer is a great time to do it – prices are usually lower, and you’re not under pressure from the weather to get your equipment installed. A high-efficiency heating system upgrade could help you save 30 percent on your monthly bills – enough to offset the cost of the new equipment in just a few years, while giving you better performance and more peace of mind in the meantime.

Stay one step ahead: beat the crowds and schedule your heating system maintenance in CT from Hocon today. Our comprehensive Home Comfort Solutions can address everything from your gas fireplaces to you water heater, and more. Contact us today to learn more.

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