Propane Autogas Explained

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It’s no secret that the world is quickly and rapidly going green. People, companies and homes are increasingly opting for environmentally friendly alternatives that reduce greenhouse emissions. One way that people are reducing their carbon footprint is by turning to propane autogas.

What is propane autogas?

Propane autogas is an alternative to using gasoline or diesel fuel for your vehicle. Fueling millions of vehicles worldwide, propane autogas is considered green, clean and efficient, as it releases less carbon-based emissions. In fact, when compared to a gasoline or diesel fueled vehicle, a vehicle using propane autogas releases 60% less carbon monoxide, 20% less nitrogen oxides and up to 24% less greenhouse gas. It is also 20% to 50% cheaper per gallon than both gasoline and diesel fuel.

The benefits of propane autogas

In addition to being cheaper and greener than gasoline and diesel fuel, propane auto gas also:

How propane autogas can help your business

With all the obvious benefits of propane autogas, it’s no wonder that making the switch from gasoline or diesel to the clean fuel is becoming more common.

Propane autogas is not new. In fact, it’s been around for almost a decade. However, more and more businesses are discovering just how advantageous using the fuel can be.

Fleet managers are among the people making the switch to propane autogas fuel for their service vans, truck fleets, school buses, forklifts and mowing and lawn equipment. Fleet managers who are using propane autogas are going above and beyond to keep their bus riders safe. That’s due to the fact that buses fueled by propane autogas meet the U.S. FMVSS motor vehicle safety standards and allow the driver to maintain a higher level of concentration since they are quieter than buses fueled by diesel.

Count on Hocon Gas for propane autogas

If you’re thinking of making the switch to propane autogas, Hocon Gas can help. You can rely on us for all your propane autogas needs, including scheduled fuel deliveries. We can even help you set up a propane fueling station at your own facility. Hocon also operates a public propane autogas station at the Pride Travel Center, which is open 24/7.

If you’re interested in learning more about propane autogas systems and propane autogas services and are in Norwalk, Torrington, Waterbury, Danbury, Guilford, Suffield, Shelton or in surrounding Connecticut, New York or Massachusetts areas please contact us today.

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