Propane Autogas: Five Interesting Facts

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Propane is fast becoming a fuel of choice for smart fleet managers around the country. But how much do you know about this clean, green fuel?

Here are five facts about Propane Autogas that show why you should consider it for your light- to medium-duty fleet.

Propane Autogas is safe. Propane has been powering vehicles for more than 80 years, so it’s got a long and strong safety record. Just like other fuels, Propane Autogas is required by federal and state laws to comply with safety and emission standards – and agencies like the Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency rigidly regulate the safe use and handling of the fuel.

Autogas vehicles are also full of safety features. Consider that:

Autogas fuel tanks are strong. Propane tanks are made of puncture-resistant steel, making them much stronger than gasoline or diesel tanks. They’re built to handle with ease any conditions, pressures, or weather conditions they encounter on the road.

Refueling with Autogas is easy. Refueling with Autogas isn’t much different than filling a tank with gas – you’ll just need a few minutes to train your crew in safety precautions and you’ll be on your way. Propane Autogas refueling stations are located throughout the country – see this locator to find more 2,500 stations across the country.

Autogas is economical. The price per gallon of propane has historically been lower – sometimes much lower – than that of diesel and gasoline. But that’s not the only way Autogas saves money: since it burns cleaner, Autogas leaves fewer deposits on engines – meaning that your vehicle won’t suffer as much wear and tear. Using Propane Autogas also eliminates the need to use additional fluids and filters that are needed to operate gasoline and diesel engines, saving you money on parts.

Autogas is reliable in cold weather. Propane Autogas has a boiling point that’s colder than any temperature we’ll encounter in Connecticut (-43.6°F), so it’s the perfect cold weather fuel – good news for fleet owners in New England.

Did you know that Hocon has an Propane Autogas dispensary and re-fueling station in Hartford, CT? Besides servicing cars and trucks with gasoline and diesel fuel, the site includes EV stations, a hydrogen fueling station, two quick fueling EV stations for non-Tesla vehicles and a Propane Autogas fueling station.

It’s an exciting time for Hocon – and for fleet managers! Contact us today to talk more about Propane Autogas fleet conversions in CT!

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