Reasons To Choose Autogas For Your Fleet

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For years, propane autogas – also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – has been one of the best-kept secrets in vehicle fuel in North America. But smart fleet managers are beginning to discover the autogas advantage for their school buses, service vans, truck fleets, and more.

6 Propane Perks

Consider these six benefits to choosing propane to power your class 3 through 8 commercial vehicles:

  1. It costs less than gasoline – Autogas is the lowest priced alternative fuel available for fleet use. Even when factoring in the cost to convert your vehicles you’ll still come out ahead in just a few years.
  2. You’ll spend less on maintenance – Because propane burns cleaner than gasoline, you won’t spend as much money on maintenance – and your fleet will stay on the road rather than in the shop. Engines that use clean-burning fuel last longer, too.
  3. It’s greener than gasoline – Propane produces 60 percent less carbon dioxide and 12 percent less smog-producing hydrocarbon than gasoline.
  4. It’s reliable – Autogas may not be well known in the US, but it’s the third most common vehicle fuel in the world today. Millions of cars worldwide have been using autogas for decades.
  5. It’s safe – Propane tanks are 20 times as puncture-resistant as gasoline tanks – and among alternative motor fuels, propane has the lowest flammability range.
  6. It’s made in the USA – More than 90 percent of the US supply of autogas is produced domestically – so every gallon you buy reduces our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Visit our new autogas filling station in Hartford!

If you already have a Connecticut-based fleet powered by propane – or plan to invest in one – we’ve got good news: Hocon has recently opened a public propane autogas station at the Pride Travel Center at the Leibert Road exit on I-91, just a mile north of I-84 in Hartford. The state-of- the-art station is open 24/7 with credit card readers and “Euronozzles.”

If you prefer onsite fueling, we can set up Autogas dispensaries at your location. Call Tim Brown at (203) 451-4231 or email – we’ll help you see how autogas can drive your business forward!

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