Get Your Propane Fireplace Cleaned & Inspected

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Summertime Is the Best Time

Summer is probably not the time you spend thinking about how great your propane fireplace is. Right now you’re most likely looking for ways to stay cool—not get warm. Heating the spaces in your Connecticut home is probably one of the furthest things from you mind.

But winter will be here in the blink of an eye, and once things cool down again, you’ll want to be able to depend on your propane fireplace to provide warmth and ambiance. You’ll start to remember how much there is to love about your propane fireplace:

Perfect Timing

Why are we bringing up your propane fireplace now? Because summertime is actually a great time to schedule your fireplace maintenance. Why? Because it’s a quiet season for us. Our service technicians are more available. Once things cool down in the fall and early winter, that’s when homeowners tend to schedule their installations, deliveries, and maintenance visits. Why not beat the rush and schedule yours now? It will be much easier for us to accommodate your schedule.

Maintenance Matters

Maintenance for your propane fireplace is important. Not only will it extend the life of your fireplace, but it will also keep your fireplace more efficient and less expensive to operate because maintenance includes the following:

A well-maintained propane fireplace lasts longer. With regular maintenance, small issues are caught and addressed before they become big problems. A well-maintained propane fireplace also operates more efficiently because it’s clear of gunk and debris. That means it will consume less propane and keep your fuel costs lower.

As part of our Home Comfort Programs, Hocon provides a Hearth Products Fall Tune-Up plan that includes a comprehensive annual cleaning of fireplaces, stoves, fire logs, or gas fireplace inserts.

Hocon Is Here for You

Founded in 1952, Hocon has grown to be one of the largest family-owned propane and heating oil distributors in Connecticut and western Massachusetts. We also sell, install, and service an array of appliances and heating systems like propane fireplaces and other hearth products.

Contact Hocon today to learn more or to schedule a cleaning and inspection for your propane fireplace. You can feel comfortable with us.

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