Propane Fireplaces

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There’s nothing like the ambiance a fire adds to a room. If you haven’t already, you should consider adding a propane fireplace to your Connecticut or Western Massachusetts home.

Hocon Hearth House

Come and visit Hocon Hearth House to see working models of the propane fireplaces we offer. You’re bound to find the perfect product for you. At Hocon Hearth House, you’ll find a complete line of beautiful propane fireplaces from brands you know and trust.

Visit any one of our six showrooms, and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.

Gas is a good choice

There are lots of reasons to add a propane fireplace to your home. Compared to a traditional wood-burning fireplace, propane fireplaces are smarter, cleaner, and easier to use. (Some propane fireplaces can be started with remote control!) There’s no ash, soot, or smoke. There’s no wood to buy, haul, or chop.

In addition, you avoid all the dangers of an open flame with a propane fireplace. That’s comforting to know, especially if you have small children or pets.

Propane’s versatility makes a perfect fit

Thanks to the latest technology, there’s virtually nowhere a propane fireplace can’t go. We can install a new propane gas fireplace in any room of your home. Put one in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Put one in every room!

What’s not to love about a propane fireplace?

Propane fireplaces are practically maintenance-free. Lighting a propane fireplace is as easy as turning on your television or lights. You can do it with a remote control or a switch on the wall.

Here are some additional perks to a propane fireplace:

Hocon is here for you

Founded in 1952, Hocon has grown to be one of the largest family-owned propane and heating oil distributors in Connecticut and western Massachusetts. We also sell, install, and service an array of appliances and heating systems. Click here to find the showroom closest to you and their business hours.

Contact Hocon today to learn more about what a propane fireplace can do for your home. You can feel comfortable with us.

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