Propane Safety During Severe Weather

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Know What To Do in Case of Emergency

There’s a lot to love about summer in New England. There’s lots of fun food to eat and so many fun ways to beat the heat. There’s a lot to love about summer, but living in Connecticut or western Massachusetts, one downside of summer is the potential for severe weather it brings with it.

As one of Hocon’s propane customers, you may already know that propane has a great safety track record thanks to government regulations and high industry standards. Propane is one of the safest fuels you can use, but when severe weather is in the forecast, there are some safety measures you should take as a propane customer.

Propane Safety & Severe Summer Weather

Here are some safety measures to take before, during, and after severe weather events this summer to help keep you and your household safe:

Do the following before severe weather strikes:

Do the following during any severe weather:

Do the following after any severe weather has passed:

Safety matters at Hocon. We adhere to high industry safety standards and observe all safety regulations. We also want to make sure you and your family know what safety measures you need to take. Click here for additional propane safety tips and information.

You Can Rely on Hocon

Hocon is a reliable propane provider that serves residents throughout Connecticut and in parts of New York and Massachusetts.

You can count on Hocon to deliver your propane on time, every time. Contact us today to learn more or to request a delivery.

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