Propane Tank Monitoring: The Future of Propane Delivery Is Here

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We’re big fans of Automatic Propane Delivery here at Hocon Gas – it’s a great way to manage your propane usage throughout the year, and to avoid the cost, inconvenience, and potential dangers associated with propane gas run-outs (truth be told, it’s also great for us and other Hocon customers, since it helps our propane delivery teams plan more efficient routes).

But Automatic Delivery does have its limits: since your delivery schedule is based on your average use of propane in the past (along with the current weather, measured in degree days), it is most reliable if your propane use is relatively consistent.

But what if you own a propane pool heater, for example…or a propane backup generator? What if you own a vacation home where people stay for only weeks at a time? If changes from week to week and month to month, a delivery system based on estimates is a second-best solution.

So what’s the best, you ask? Propane tank monitoring from Hocon Gas.

Propane tank monitoring uses a cellular network to keep tabs on the exact amount of propane in your tank right now, so we can deliver your propane whenever you need it. If your propane usage goes up or down, we’ll know it instantly and respond quickly so you’ll never run out of gas (you’ll know it, too, since you can track your propane tank levels on a convenient app for your smart phone or tablet).

It’s the future of propane delivery for your Connecticut home – brought to you now by the propane pros at Hocon Gas.

Want to learn more about propane tank monitoring – or any of Hocon’s other convenient residential propane services for your Connecticut home? Contact us today.

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