Can Propane Really Fuel Your Vehicles?

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5 Reasons To Choose Propane Over Diesel or Gasoline

Propane, also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), is so versatile. It can warm your home, cook your food, and dry your clothes. Can it also fuel a bus, car, or truck? Yes! There are roughly 200,000 certified propane vehicles operating in the United States that use Propane Autogas.

You’ll commonly find propane used in fleet vehicles such as school buses, taxis, and police vehicles. You can purchase several propane-powered vehicle models from manufacturers and select dealerships. In addition, you can modify your engine or replace it with one designed to handle the higher temperature and lower lubricity associated with propane combustion.

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Why Propane Autogas?

Now you know that propane is an option for fueling your vehicles. It’s also important to know the reasons propane makes a great alternative to traditional fuels. Here are 5 advantages to putting propane in your fuel tank.

  1. Propane is largely domestically produced, and so it is a secure resource.
  2. Propane vehicles produce less air pollution and have a smaller environmental impact compared to conventional diesel and gasoline vehicles.
  3. While a propane vehicle can cost significantly more that its gasoline counterpart, since propane is usually less expensive than gasoline, it won’t take long for you to come out ahead in overall cost. Furthermore, propane vehicles are comparably priced to diesel vehicles.
  4. Propane vehicles tend to have longer-lasting engines and lower maintenance costs, which makes it a great option for getting more longevity and value out of high mileage vehicles.
  5. Propane engines perform better and start more consistently in cold weather. As a resident of New England or New York, you can have peace of mind that your engine will perform well during the freezing winter months.

Combine all these advantages with the fact that propane engines and conventional engines offer similar acceleration, cruising speed, and power. Why wouldn’t you consider using propane to fuel your vehicle?

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