Propane vs. Electric Heating

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Choose Wisely

Living in Connecticut, you need a heating system that can handle the task of keeping everyone in your household comfortably warm no matter how cold it gets. This winter has already brought some extreme winter weather to our area. Hopefully, you didn’t get left out in the cold.

Propane can play a lot of important roles in your home. During the warmer months, propane can power your grill, deck heater, and pool heater. All year long it can power your clothes dryer, water heater, and cooking range. That’s because one of propane’s greatest qualities is its versatility. And propane’s uses don’t stop there. Propane is also a highly efficient and affordable option for home heating. And when you compare propane heating to electric heating, you’ll find that especially for someone living in a region that gets as cold as ours does, propane is the better choice.

Propane for Home Heating

Propane is an extremely efficient and cost-effective method for heating a home. A high-efficiency propane furnace is capable of delivering all the warm air you need to be comfortable inside your home no matter how bitterly cold it gets outside.

Comparing Propane to Electric Heating

When you compare propane heating to electric heating in terms of things like performance and efficiency, propane comes out on top. Let’s look at some of the was propane heating compares to electric heating:

Hocon Knows Heating

At Hocon, we’re well trained and very knowledgeable about all things propane. We provide expert heating services including heating system installation and repair, propane tank installation, and reliable fuel deliveries. Our six locations serve customers in Connecticut and parts of Massachusetts and New York.

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