How To Read Your Home’s Oil Tank Gauge

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If you’re a will call customer, keeping a close eye on your heating oil tank gauge during heating season is important – especially in 2020, when it seems like anything can happen.

Finding How Much Fuel You Have

But first you have to know where to find and read that gauge (don’t worry, it’s easy). Here are some heating oil gauge reading basics:

Many factors influence how much fuel you’ll burn, of course – the outside temperature, the efficiency of your heating equipment, and the efficiency of your home, to name a few. Remember: it’s always better to be conservative and order your heating oil early rather than getting stuck in a no-heat emergency.

The best way to avoid the hassles of tank gauge monitoring? Sign up for FREE automatic heating oil delivery from Hocon. With automatic delivery, our computer models will look at your past oil use and the current weather, scheduling your heating oil delivery in CT when your tank is about one-quarter full. Contact Hocon today to make the switch from will call!

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