Should I Repair or Replace My Propane Gas Furnace?

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Deciding whether to repair or replace your furnace is a question most people will have to answer at some point in their home-owning lives.

Sometimes the answer to that question is straightforward – if you have an older system that seems to need repairs every year, for example. But sometimes the answer is harder to pin down, and it requires more careful consideration if you’re going to make the smartest choice for your Connecticut home.

If you’re not sure whether to repair or replace your propane gas furnace, ask yourself these five questions:

  1. How old is your furnace? A modern gas furnace can last 15 years or more if it’s properly maintained, but that doesn’t mean it will run a peak efficiency throughout its lifecycle; the older the furnace is, the better off you are to replace rather than repair it, since the uptick in efficiency will basically return your investment within just a few years. Younger systems (less than 10 years old) present you with a tougher choice. A rule of thumb: if a repair costs 50 percent or more of the replacement cost, it’s generally worth the upgrade.
  2. Has your furnace been properly maintained? If you’ve had professional maintenance performed on your furnace since day 1, it will be much more likely to work better for longer than the average heating system. But no amount of maintenance will make your equipment more efficient than it was when you bought it – or more efficient than a new furnace.
  3. Am I limited by my home and space? If you’re looking to replace an existing furnace, will your current ductwork support the kind of system you’re considering? Do you have the physical space to accommodate a larger furnace? Sometimes limitations can dictate what’s possible in your Connecticut home without making significant changes to your space.
  4. Have my heating needs changed? If you have remodeled or added to your home without changing your heating system, your furnace may not be up to the challenge of its new heating load – which could mean that a furnace upgrade is a smarter choice.
  5. Is my current system safe? An older furnace carries a much higher risk of safety problems than one that is newly installed. For example, older heat exchangers can crack or rust, causing carbon monoxide leaks in your home.

So…repair or replace?
When you weight the costs and benefits of repairing or replacing an older furnace with a high efficiency unit, there are some significant advantages to upgrading your equipment. Is repair ever a viable option? Yes, if:

The bottom line: a furnace is a long-term investment – and like any investment, you need to do your research to find the best way to spend your money. When it comes time to do that research and make your furnace repair/replace choice, give Hocon Gas a call – we’re happy to help you sort out the details and find a furnace that meets your needs and budget.

Not sure if you should replace or repair your propane gas furnace? We can help! Contact us today and we’ll walk through your options to help you find a solution that works for you!

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