Should I Replace My Water Heater?

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Your water heater works hard behind the scenes in your Connecticut home to provide hot water for all your appliances and taps. But like any machine, a water heater won’t last forever.

Watch for these signs to know if it’s time to replace your water heater:

  1. Age – A storage water heater (one with a tank) lasts about 10 years* on average. If your water tank is approaching that decade mark, replacing it usually makes more sense than repairing it.
  2. Rusty water – Rusty water usually means your tank is corroding from the inside – a problem that could lead to a tank failure in the near future.
  3. A leak – In most cases, a leak indicates that the structure of your tank has been compromised. If you notice a leak, turn the tank’s water supply valve off and get your tank inspected as soon as possible.
  4. Odd sounds – A water heater can make sounds ranging from rumbling and popping to hissing and gurgling. Each indicates a different problem, and most require professional service or – in the case of an older water heater – replacement.
  5. Signs of hard water – Water with a high mineral content can cause lime build up, which can reduce the lifespan of a water tank and cut its efficiency. Some classic signs of hard water include spots on glassware and silverware, dry, itchy skin and clothing, and soap scum on your bathtub.
  6. Higher bills ­– As water heaters age, they get less efficient – especially if they haven’t been properly maintained. Look for noticeable drop-offs in efficiency performance, and remember – today’s high efficiency water heaters can reach efficiency ratings well into the mid-90 percent range. Replacing an old electric-powered water heater with a propane tankless model could save you 40 percent or more on your water heating energy bills – enough to offset the replacement cost of your upgrade in just a few years.

Not sure if you should repair or replace your water heater? Contact the pros at Hocon today and we will help you figure it out. If you do choose to upgrade, we have storage and tankless water heater options for any home and budget!

* Not sure how old your water heater is? You can find the age of your water heater by looking for the serial number on the manufacturer’s plate on the side of the unit. The first letter in the serial number corresponds to its month of production; the first two numbers its year of production. For example, in the serial number D092738598, “D”, the fourth letter in the alphabet, corresponds to April, the fourth month. The number “09” represents the year. The water heater was produced in April 2009.

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