Six Safety Tips for Your Propane Water Heater

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Did you know that water heaters are responsible for about 10 percent of the fires started by home heating devices?

Don’t get us wrong – that doesn’t mean that water heaters are inherently dangerous. It just means that operating a gas-powered water heater requires some sensible handling and precautions, just like any appliance that burns fuel inside your Connecticut home.

Here are six tips that can help reduce risks when operating your propane water heater.

  1. Keep flammable materials far away from your water heater – Oily rags, paint and stripping products and gas cans should be kept far away from your water heater’s pilot light to prevent flashback fires, which ignite in the presence of flammable fumes.
  2. Get your water heater checked every year – Don’t wait until your water heater breaks down to have it serviced; get professional service once a year to detect and even prevent problems that could pose safety risks if they go unresolved.
  3. Leave water heater repairs and installations to professionals – You may be tempted to install or repair your water heater yourself to save a few bucks. Don’t. Hire a trusted professional instead.
  4. Know how to shut down your water heater in an emergency – This is especially helpful when there is fire danger – if you smell gas, for example, or if you discover a gas leak.
  5. Keep the area around your water heater clear of debris and well ventilated – A water heater needs breathing room for the pilot assembly to burn properly. If airflow is cut off by debris and clutter stacked around the water heater, it could pose a fire hazard. Ventilation helps to keep flammable fumes away from the water heater’s pilot light.
  6. Consider upgrading your old water heater – Today’s water heaters are safer than ever – certainly safer than an aging water heater unit, especially that’s not been well maintained. With an upgrade, you’ll see significant improvements in your energy bills, too – enough to offset the cost of replacing in just a few years.

Safety first, now and always! Schedule your water heater inspection today, or contact us to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a water heater upgrade for your Connecticut home from the pros at Hocon Gas.

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