Should You Store Your Grill Tank Full or Empty?

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Safe Storage Tips For Your Propane Cylinder

When it comes to grilling, there is a lot more to think about then just getting that hamburger, hot dog or steak perfectly cooked. There are proper safety measures to consider that help keep you, your friends and your family out of harm’s way. And there is also the matter of proper grill tank storage.

Proper storage for your grill tank includes knowing if you should store that grill tank full or empty.

Proper Grill Tank Storage

Once the summer is over and you are done grilling for the season, you may be wondering what to do with your grill’s propane tank and where you should put it until you are ready to fire up your grill again or until your next propane delivery.

The only time that it is safe to store a propane tank inside is if it is completely empty. If a tank is not empty, it should be stored outside as opposed to in a house, shed or garage. This is because temperatures inside a propane tank increase when they are inside, which can potentially be very dangerous and can put a homeowner at risk. So storing your grill tank either empty or full is fine, but location is key.

Here are some other important things to keep in mind to ensure that your grill tank is being properly stored:

Checking Your Grill Tank’s Propane Supply

Since properly storing the tank to your grill is dependent upon how much propane is in the tank itself you may be wondering how you can check your grill’s propane tank level. Doing so is actually a fairly easy process. There are a few ways to check how much propane is left in your tank:

  1. Install an external gauge: This is a device you can place on the outside of your tank. You can choose between inline pressure gauges, analog propane scales and digital propane tank scales.
  2. Conduct a test with warm water: Pour warm water down the side of your tank and then feel for a cool spot on the side of the tank. The cool spot indicates how full your tank is.
  3. Weigh your tank: Propane tanks usually have two numbers on their handles, one of which is the tare weight (TW). The TW is how much your tank weighs when it’s empty, which should be right around 17 pounds. Therefore, you can just subtract the TW from the number you see on the scale when you weigh your tank to see how much propane is left inside.

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