Using Temporary Heating for Construction Sites

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A wide variety of businesses in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts benefit from the versatility, safety, and cost effectiveness propane offers. That means a wide variety of businesses need a reliable bulk propane source. Construction businesses in particular depend on propane. Hocon provides low-cost, clean, and reliable commercial propane in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Commercial Propane from Hocon

Especially if you’re in the construction business, then you need a reliable source of propane for a few applications. Hocon should be your propane supplier. We offer convenient and timely bulk delivery of propane to businesses of all sizes. Our service technicians are highly trained and rigorously follow all safety procedures. We always clean up after ourselves following an onsite visit. And we’re available 24/7 for emergency service.

Hocon offers the following commercial propane services:

Let’s take a closer look at the commercial propane services Hocon offers construction companies.

Commercial Propane for Construction Sites

Hocon is the region’s leading distributor of propane storage tanks for construction projects of all sizes. We provide builders with fuel tank and gas supply sizing, installation, and a continuous fuel supply throughout the construction process. Additionally, if you need temporary heating for your site, we’re experts in designing a gas supply system for temporary construction heat. Whether you’re working on a one-room addition or a large multi-story complex, we can handle all of your temporary heating needs.

Temporary Heat Service Program

Hocon is an expert when it comes to temporary heating needs—especially during the harsh winters we get in New England. Our Temporary Heat Service Program is designed to be your single source for 100-pound propane tanks and/or bulk fuel. We can handle the propane needs for a construction project of any size—from a small single-family home to a massive municipal project. We also offer 1,000-gallon and 2,000-gallon bulk propane storage tanks.

When you trust Hocon to supply the propane for your temporary heating needs, you also get safety. All of our containers conform to NFPA 58 safety codes and OSHA regulations. And our tanks also have a protective construction collar and a bottom ring for sufficient stability while the container is in service or in storage.

You get more than tanks and propane with Hocon. We also sell and lease temporary heaters, manifolds, carts, and an assortment of hoses to meet the temporary heating needs of most construction sites.

Let Hocon Handle It

If you’re in the construction business in New England, Hocon is here to handle your temporary heating needs and supply all the propane needed to keep you on the job. We have six strategic locations that serve our commercial customers throughout Connecticut and parts of Massachusetts and New York.

Contact Hocon today to learn more about the propane services we offer for construction sites.

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