Why Get Your Propane Fireplace Inspected This Summer?

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Sitting in front of a cozy fire is probably the last thing on your mind these days, but it will be soon enough ­– which makes now a great time to take care of routine propane fireplace maintenance.

A propane fireplace inspection will help you cut energy bills and extend the life of your equipment by performing such important tasks as:

  • Cleaning out vent debris
  • Finding and repairing propane gas line and burner leaks
  • Checking flame quality and direction
  • Fixing breaks in fireplace glass enclosures and checking firebox vacuum
  • Cleaning and repairing propane gas log sets

3 reasons for propane fireplace maintenance

Why will you need a propane fireplace inspection this year? Here are three key reasons:

  • Lower bills – Propane gas fireplaces operate almost 80 percent more efficiently than their wood-burning counterparts, but they can also help reduce your overall heating bill by providing a source of supplemental heat in a frequently used space like your living room. The problem is that debris and vent-blocking gunk can take away a lot of that efficiency, causing you to use more propane than necessary to get the heating job done. Regular maintenance clears that gunk so you use less fuel.
  • Longer-lasting equipment – Like any other home comfort appliance, a propane fireplace needs regular maintenance to run with less effort; without regular inspections, small issues with your propane gas fireplace could turn into big problems over time. Poorly maintained propane log sets can deteriorate, for example, leaving chunks of debris that can block the ventilation and cause your fireplace to overwork. Routine maintenance can reduce vent clogging, prevent cracked crowns or mortars, or reduce unwanted moisture build-up, allowing your propane fireplace to run better for longer.
  • Safety – A propane fireplace inspection will help your technician stay on top of problems that could lead to a propane leak or a carbon monoxide build-up, which can be dangerous for your family if left untreated.

Summer: the perfect time for propane fireplace maintenance

Once Labor Day comes, our phones start to ring off the hook for installs and propane deliveries; we expect that to be even more true than usual this year due to COVID-19 complications.

Did you know that the Hocon Hearth Products Fall Tune-up Home Comfort Plan includes a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of your propane fireplace, stove, fire logs, and gas fireplace inserts – all for one reasonable annual fee? Sign up for a propane fireplace inspection in CT today to make sure your fireplace is good to go once temperatures start to drop!

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