Upgrade Your Summer with the Power of Propane

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Believe it or not, summer 2018 is almost here – and we’ve certainly earned it after the winter we just had (officially it’s a bit more than six weeks away, but unofficially? We’re already looking longingly at Memorial Day weekend).

That gives us a lot to look forward to in the weeks ahead – everything from pool parties and marathon grilling sessions to late night fun with friends. But if you want to know how to take that fun up a notch, we’ve got four words for you:

“Propane can do that.”

Propane: your outdoor entertainment MVP

When it comes to outdoor fun, propane can be your unsung summer hero, operating behind the scenes to make every part of your summer better.

Propane can help you:

Wondering how you can upgrade your summer with propane? We have some great ideas for you! Contact us today to learn more – or to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on propane equipment for your Connecticut home.

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