Don’t Take Your Water Heater for Granted!

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It works harder for you during the winter

Which of your appliances do you spend the most time taking care of or thinking about during the winter months? If you’re like most, chances are your water heater doesn’t get as much credit (or attention) as it deserves. However, your water heater is a workhorse in your Connecticut home. And, especially when it’s doing its job well, you probably hardly ever think about it. But think about this: You water heater provides all the hot water you and your family use for bathing, laundry, washing the dishes, et cetera. And depending on the size of your household (and how long your showers last), that’s probably a lot of hot water! During the winter months, your family will place even higher demands on your water heater—probably without even noticing.

Why Your Water Heater Works So Hard

Let’s take a moment to review and appreciate how hard your water heater works for your household—especially during the winter. When the temperatures drop and stay down, generating hot water becomes a much harder task for your water heater. Here’s why:

Now that you know how hard your water heater is working for you this winter, you should want to make sure it’s ready and able to perform without a hitch. So if it’s time for repairs or an upgrade, there’s no time like the present. Let Hocon handle it.

Hocon Knows Water Heaters

When you let Hocon handle your water heater repairs or installation, you no longer have to worry about a loss of hot water. And if you’re switching from an electric water heater to a propane water heater, you could save as much as $240 annually. That’s largely because of how efficient some propane-fueled water heaters are.

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