What Are Those Odd Sounds Coming from My Gas Furnace?

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If you have owned your gas furnace for a while, you probably know the contented hum it makes when it is operating the way it should be. But sometimes your heating equipment will make an unexpected squeak, rattle or click, and it could mean you’re in need of a professional heating repair.

Here are three common issues that could lead to your furnace make strange noises this heating season:

The bottom line: If it sounds weird, get it checked out

Furnaces are complicated machines, and tampering with them without proper training can be dangerous: a significant electric shock or exposure to a potentially dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide in your Connecticut home are just two potential consequences of improper maintenance.

When it comes to repairing a furnace, DON’T do-it-yourself – contact the pros at Hocon Gas for expert heating system repair and maintenance service.

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